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When saying a word makes the news. Thats retarded by itself. Now consider that he was completely justified in saying it. We still clown world or is it piss earth yet?

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So this freak had the audacity to accuse the guy's language as "aggressively off putting"


This belongs on Babyon Bee.

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This just in, satanic demon supports beating old men.

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The media is our enemy. This is how they start, then it will be "guy deserved to die after saying racial slurs while he was being beaten to death" and then they will flat out legalize the murder of whites, as long as its black or brown doing the murdering. I hope most of you see what's happening here.

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"I couldn't believe it. You hear people on TV saying these things, but to hear it in person just so aggressively was really off-putting," witness James Mayes said.

It's like he's describing seeing a unicorn. Never seen this in his life before. Yet "hate crime" is rampant according to the msm.

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someone punches me at work theyre getting shot

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Should read "Old fool who runs shop without sense to arm himself is beaten for running his mouth"

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Wonder how many times that NewsReaderette- Jonee Lewis, or her homies, have said nigger in the last month?


They were beating him? The video freezes on what looks like a physical attack. Not even mentioned in the story.

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