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fucking nonsense. Black on white crime is 27x the reverse. And theyre 1/8 of the population!

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A violent nigger doesn't/can't challenge or threaten the (((status quo))).
Whites becoming violent can and does.

This is all this has ever been about. We're the only race the (((global elites))) fear.

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experts say

Anonymous sources

Studies show

Experts and anonymous sources agree that studies show this is how CNN tries to legitimize their opinion pieces

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Does anyone have any data about actual white nationalist crime? The well is poisoned and I can't find a good resource.

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These fucking CUNTS. FUCK THEM. They do the dividing cnn is like the main motherfuckers doin it. GODDAMNIT

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I would contend that the very rare instances of white-on-nigger violence are in DIRECT RESPONSE to the extremely common nigger-on-white violence, and it should be applauded and encouraged. violence is the only thing niggers understand and respond to and it's the only way to keep them in line.

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why don't we start prosecuting black on white crime as hate crime? just look up the nigger's facebook, and I bet you got pursuable cases at least 50% of the time.

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The fucked thing about niggers on facebook is that you KNOW the glows see what they're up to. They just don't care.

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very good point--wow

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Niggers murder more whites by FAR niggers murder more niggers by far. Niggers murder more Mexicans. Niggers murder more Asians. Fuckkn kikes traitorous fucking animals sellin out this country pushing hate and pointing the finger.

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https://archive.ph/fA3XV :

2019-05-14 | White supremacism is terrorism, experts say - CNN

'"We don't differentiate between a domestic terrorism attack we're trying to stop or an international terrorism attack. '

'"I think we needed to call it what it was," he told CNN."This was an act of terrorism," Vance explained. '

'He shared that the Trump administration has added domestic terrorism to its national security strategy, a first for the country. ', "But at the root of it all, again, is there's no domestic terrorism statute.", "The case was a seminal one for the district attorney's office and for New York state, where it was the first domestic terrorism conviction of its kind."

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