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Before someone can comment that most animals raised for meat are fed with food containing high levels of glyphosate (which is true), I want to point out this study that states:

"Similarly, because mammals do not bioaccumulate glyphosate and it is rapidly excreted, negligible levels of glyphosate in cattle, pig and poultry meat, milk, and eggs have been reported."


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Week played, sir.

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Never felt better than I have on an all-meat diet.

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They are pumped full of hormones and Antibiotics though, which probably isn't healthy. Disclaimer: I'm doing the Carnivore Diet since 2 weeks now.

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Correct. It's ideal to go for organic/no hormones meat/dairy. You can just go half-way and avoid any chicken that has hormones added. Chicken has a lot more added hormones than beef and pork.

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In a study commissioned by advocacy group Environmental Defence Canada and independently conducted by California-based Anresco Laboratories

The same "independent" lab that (((verified))) the last study we saw with the cereal. Once this is verified by someone else, then it's worth paying attention to.



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Thanks for the info - I'll have a read!

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Modified Atkins, popular ten years ago.

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Buy your potatoes, and then WASH your potatoes before you cook them. Starches made healthy and easy.

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The plant grows it's own. That's the whole point of the gmo.