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Child abuse, plain and simple. This kid is going to be so fucked up later in life. These people are sick.

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Or the kid will grow up to go hard right, religious, ultra conservative. People raised at either end of the extreme tend to go hard the other way in adulthood.

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Even if he just keeps saying he's a boy he's lucky.

Also that third bulletin "raising Star Cloud as a 'person' not a 'boy' letting him choose gender" hahahaha

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Dude...if I was as fucked up as that kid gonna be...I'd be worried about going to the same high school as him after you fucked with him like that....if he decides to shoot that place up...your gonna be a main target

I kicked my 3rd grade bully ass in my sophomore year at high-school

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They fuck that kid.

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This comment gave me a good laugh because it could very well be true. Then I thought, shit, it probably is true. So I didn't want to upvoats, but I did.

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Think the kid will be well or are we going to be seeing a shooting from a belltower in say 12-15 years?

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Being British and not having access to guns (and in 15 years, knives) he will commit a mass spooning.

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His parents will be killed in the great faggot culling that happens during sharia law.

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As if you couldn't craft bombs with commonplace products.

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nah, bloody wrists in a bathtub most likely

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This is the UK, he’ll be lucky to be allowed access to a plastic spoon by the time he is of age; remember, only djihadists have the right to own weapons over there.

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Most likely to be killed by a mudslime before then.

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The smirk on the skinny alien and the fupa on the gunt suggest they have nothing but the best intentions for that child’s well being. Also they are smug attention whores who will not be protected when they are inevitably culturally enriched by their countries traveling kebab salesmen who devoutly object to such obvious degeneracy

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That poor child....

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Long term psychiatric hospitals.

the media needs to have closed signs draped across their corpse.

The people better reconnect with their spiritual heritage before they're all obeying the call to do the right thing and get into the soylent green machine.

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And after these two suicide themselves after realizing surgery can't cure mental illness, little Johnny gets new brown parents who will sell him into slavery. Yay for socialized health care!

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I can't even tell which is which. Or which will be what, I guess. These things have children. Fuck.

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