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I wonder why prominent atheist organizations never criticize orthodox jews claiming sucking baby penis is their religious right?

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You misspelled (((atheist organizations))).

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It's true, just look at the leadership of any prominent atheist organization. A few token former christians and a whole lotta jews.

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I got kicked off Facebook around a year ago for posting something like that. There was a video of some Russian Christian church baptizing babies & the OP talked about the barbaric practice & traumatizing the babies etc. All I mentioned was that Jews literally bite baby dicks & for (((reasons))) that was offensive.

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Lol, baptism is traumatic. Guess when I gave my kids baths when they were babies I was being a terrible parent.

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They only suck on their own kind.

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And my outrage subsides. Makes sense, considering their orthodox views of goyim.

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What's not to like? Kike die by kike.

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Atheists bend over backwards to defend the kikes and their dick sucking rituals. Atheists only have a problem with Christians and Catholics and such, they worship the kikes and muslims.

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They also bend over forwards for the kikes, if you catch my drift.

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have lead to death and brain damage

Of Jews. And this is a problem why exactly?

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There are also americans who subject their children to this bloody foreign ritual and even without a stranger sucking on their child's penis there's still a chance of horrible complications.

There is for example the somewhat infamous case of david reimer who as far as I know wasn't jewish. His circumcision was botched and he was raised as a trans-girl, had to play out sexual acts with his brother and other disgusting stuff. He later committed suicide.

But even without any complications it's vile.

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His problems also stemmed from having a jewish (pedophile) doctor.

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Fukn schlomo just can't stop sucking baby cock. Even when the disgusting old bastard is giving them an STD

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How is this ok but Muslim type 4 female circumcision is not? I’m not advocating for either I think both should be banned but how do the normies not see the hipocrisy in this? It’s because of some dubious claim that there is a health benefit to male circumcision, which is basically just Jew propaganda brainwashing.

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Banning MGM starts with banning the Bris Milah. If we can ban the Bris then it might open people's eyes to the horrors of infant genital mutilation.

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Pretty sure nyc did ban it, laws dont apply to gods chosen people though.

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I see this like I see niggers getting abortions, it's a good thing.

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Less jewish boys means more lonly jew cat ladies in the future...good god.

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