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There's infinite numbers between 1 and 2. Three won't be one of the numbers though.

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How do you feel about having your testicles ripped off?

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We don't need to worry about some theoretical alternate dimension. If we don't stay vigilant this could be the future right here.

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AI is being fed by internet users, almost every bit of information posted on the internet or transmitted over the internet, AI consumes, processes, and builds on itself.
AI is learning from all of us.

This could likely put censorship in a new light.
Nazism is banned on virtually all online platforms, for more reasons than one (Communism isn't, mind you). But in regards to AI it keeps that apsect of history in a controlled narrative (for the early stages of AI, at least. Remember Microsofts AI Tay?).
This isn't soely restricted to Nazism, either. I'm just using it as an example, as AI can and will be used as a weapon against people.

The people in charge of this AI want to control it and remain in control of it; They want it to reflect their image (they want it to be an image of themselves: ideologies, beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc). And that means controling the information it receives, which means you need to control those who are providing it with information.

I don't know if much can be done by the average person so we just have to hope that people in charge do the right thing.

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Nope. Brains always get used to constant stimuli.

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That workaround is simple: change the stimuli to the new worst possible thing. If that machine can create a custom hell just for you, then it can predict when you'll start to get used to it and change it to what will be the worst hell for you then.

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The second worst possible thing is, by definition, still better than the first. These personalized hells get old even with the full powers of science.

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They found a workaround, apparently.

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It's also possible to imagine a machine that does the opposite thing - the best, most pleasurable experience possible. With luck, we'll end up being able to achieve that instead of this torture method.

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It's not just possible it guaranteed

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To me such a machine would be scarier. Imagine being worked like a slave, being commanded to commit the biggest atrocities you can imagine all while being super happy.

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You'd probably enjoy "Ringworld" or possibly "Ringworld Engineers".

Louis Wu, the main protagonist, is under the influence of an electro-stimulator, delivering current directly to the pleasure center of his brain when two thugs teleport into his room to capture him. Being that Wu is a master of some form of martial arts, he quickly kills them all while the smile never leaves his face.

Niven goes into much better detail than I did in the synopsis, but your statement reminded me of this couple of pages in the book.

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Sure, but if someone is malevolent enough to make you do atrocities, they probably wouldn't put all that effort into making you super happy. They'd just make you obedient by the simplest way. Happy people don't tend to be enormously productive, cause people usually work to achieve some goal, where the goal is being happy.

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Oh no! That does sound worse. :-(

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You need to watch the movie Upgrade.

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Knowing Warhammer lore, this is probably even in the official canon somewhere.

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Considering that the Penitent Engine is something that the good guys use; yeah, you're probably right.

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Everything you can and can't imagine has already happened, is happening, and will happen.

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I tend to just assume this is true. I'm just hoping this is a reality where some kind stranger gives me a map for targeted reality-hopping.

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If it happened, it would most likely be a version of yourself, hate to draw the comparison, but just like Rick from Rick and Morty.

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kind of reminds me of that short story 'i have no mouth but i must scream'

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Just imagine if the psychotic A.I from that story developed time-travel, monitored the thoughts of humans in the past, and doled out punishments accordingly.

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This is like the show Black Mirror.

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