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Good. Let the kangz return to wakanda for their drinking water.

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My sentiments exactly.

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Jesus is there anything that isn't broken in that town? From the people to the infrastructure, the whole thing is a shit show.

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Tests in 2016 found lead and copper. 2018 they finally do something. Fuck niggers are stupid.

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Yeah as if they go to school, more like water to be turned of at abandone buildings.

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Why can't these niggers maintain anything? Do they CONSTANTLY need someone else to wipe their asses for them or replace the pipes that are bad?

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The superintendent is a Guido, not much of an improvement but you should keep the facts straight.

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This is voat.

We are to busy bashing niggers to care about facts.

The shear number of nigger comments in this thread shows bots and idiots run the narrative of this place.

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They are busy landscaping using water to rinse off imported plants and chop down trees to dredge up the sidewalks because they stonewalled on installing new pipes for too long.

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And paint chips are no longer to be served during school lunches.

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They decide now is the time with school starting. That's a government with foresight.

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As though the people there were interesting in learning anything anyway.

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