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I will ask these guys, they usually have good info on conspiracy stuff @salvia_d @MolochHunter @exposethecriminals @Micheal84 @TrishaUK ?

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occams razor. no mystery in this at all

it is what it appears to be on the surface of it

a child jihad training camp which is an asset of the CIA/deep state for the purpose of causing calamities by which they intend the people of America to be disarmed

Linda Sarsour has one degree of separation to this and even the CONSERVATIVE media gave her a free pass

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Turned up 11 what?

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11 kids one of which was killed, kid murdered in some weird black voodoo islam ritual to create the next Moses, Jesus, Mohammad or Anti-Christ or something?.... too bad they started demolishing destroying evidence? also the (((judge))) released the main guy hopes for him to get away to skip town? conspiracy infowars head Alex Jones was saying CNN and DNC https://www.infowars.com/media-blackout-arrests-in-new-mexico-compound-have-connections-to-the-democratic-party-and-cnn/ I don't believe Jones I think he's one of these doomsday nuts with an agenda also sells a lot of DVDs, t-shirts however I think there could be some truth to him, something smells wrong here and mainstream media will not investigate they just parrot shit now instead of sending reporters on the ground

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Oh lots smells wrong in this case. I was just pointing out the post title was missing words (and the meaning was not capable of being discerned by the image).

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AJ is sometimes right, I never believe his inside sources ever since I found out he employs an alleged ex-Mssd agent.

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i count more than 11 tires, so that's not it.

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Turned up to eleven and tore the knob off. He's talking about how I live my life everyday

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wait what? he was released on bail?!

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For next to nothing. Less than 10k I believe.

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The school shooter thing seems fake to me.

There's almost definitely more to it than that.

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Well Of course some littel boy fucking was involved obviously.

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Weren't they SQUATTING on land owned by some fat white guy? Isn't that a crime too?

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Being muslim should be a crime.

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Acting Muslim, apparently, often IS a crime.

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I don't know anything more than ALL 3 of these people should be in jail and the key thrown away......NOT let out on bail for ANY amount of money. Crimes upon crimes committed....the least being neglect going all the way up to murder. The judge needs looking into in my opinion and everyone who has been put in charge of the fake investigation. Another cover up for sure.

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They shouldn't be thrown in jail, they should be thrown in the same pit they are covering everything else up. At least finish the job of tying up loose ends instead of costing tax payers more money

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and when a school shooting happens cry for gun restrictions and more gun laws.

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How were the Russians involved?