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As someone who lives in NJ, and has been to this beach many times, fuck both of them. The cop is a scared little bitch who just wants to bully a girl who would never fuck him. The girl is an entitled JAP who probably gets whatever the fuck she wants and has no time for this pussy's bullshit. But holy fuck. Talk about someone being wrongfully employed. We literally watch his emotions get the best of him. This dude is going to kill someone some day. You can hear him lose it. He is not capable of making rational decisions in the heat of the moment and should be fired immediately. By the way, let me tell you guys something that will blow your fucking mind: you have to PAY TO GO ON THE FUCKING BEACH IN NJ. I will never get over that. That's why the pigs patrol the way they do. They are looking for alcohol, but mainly checking for badges. Fuck this state. Right in its overpriced, underfunded ass.