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they were obviously making a statement and instigating stuff. the statement being "some people have a self preservation instinct".


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It's like saying Macy's is bigoted against the nudist lifestyle because I went in there and stripped and they got all mad and kicked me out... but if there were a recent rash of mass murders by nudists.


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I'm going to go to a nigger church on Sunday wearing my Nazi uniform. They'd better not get mad or they'll be showing their racism.


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It wasn’t a club, it’s a rooftop garden. I mean the public probably complained. If I saw some towel head praying to his Bronze Age god up the top of a skyscraper I’d probably GTFO. I always think of the amount of people who have had those same thoughts when actual terrorist stacks have occurred. Imagine how many lives would have been spared if people just listen to their gut instinct and got the fuck away from dodgey muzzas. But no, we’d better save their feelings.


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https://archive.fo/RtrE9 :

Law student asked to leave London's Sky Garden for praying | Daily Mail Online

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It's not Islamaphobia...it's self preservation.


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I always thought it was weird when my Christian family would pray. Who are we talking too? Fortunately most people are just as stupid as we are so they don't stare. Count the goddamn seconds off my life staring at people with eyes closed. Wanna spot the people who don't buy it? Look around during a prayer lol. Or....maybe it IS real, maybe Iv been sent by Satan to deceive our lords followers. You know what the first red flag was? Dinosaurs. The second flag? Tree of knowledge. God literally says "hey there's a tree that'll make you smart, fuck you if you eat it" DUDE WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT THERE. YOU MADE US YOU KNOW HOW DUMB WE ARE PLUS YOU SEE THE FUTURE. There's really no way around it. God is an asshole. Like a real maniacal asshole. He made hell, made us flawed, KNOWING WHAT WE WOULD DO, then sends us to a place to suffer FOREVER. WOW GOD EVEN HUMANS ONLY HAVE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF DEATH SENTENCES. DONT YOU THINK MAYBE YOUR MISTAKES SHOULD BE ACCOUNTED FOR? Ahhhh it's gonna be so aukward if I have to talk to jeeeeezus one day. This bullshit is so ingrained in me even when I don't believe it something lingers. Monkey mind. The saddest most unfunny part is that the Bible is right. Humans don't deserve knowledge. As a species we're too stupid to handle it. We're better off controlled by some bullshit ideaology. Is it perfect? No, but it keeps the machine moving. Lose a few souls here and there it doesn't really matter.