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I won't know if he didn't say he is trans... All seem as female body line on neck, shoulder, waist, hips, leg... Correction: face giving a bit.


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it might be difficult to tell, even if this was a body or skull of him/her I imagine its difficult, even before the 'operations' I imagine he looks like a mix race but very effeminate girlyman male. If you ever did photography or painting your eyes will see the difference, of course there's the whole adam's apple and voice but also face profile, nasal shape, structure of chin, men typically have thicker, heavier skulls, you can also tell by the eyes or arch or “monkey brow” and shape and contour of forehead males tend to have larger, more robust bones and joint surfaces however if people are taking hormonal chemical or hormone sex gender transexual cross-sex hormone therapy its going to change the whole natural cycle completely


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Especially the waist and stomach fat free muscles, very female to me... Or praise the doctor.