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He likes it in the ass.


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I'm so glad this story came out. I have been warning my kids for years that the devil weed marijuana would lead them into a life of bestiality if they were to ever use it. This should help convince them I've been telling the truth.


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https://archive.is/bEo2A | :

Creep says he had sex with a donkey because he was high | New York Post

'On July 5 and July 6, additional images showed the same sicko feeding the donkeys before putting the pelvic moves again. '

'The man was seen putting a bag over a donkey’s head and then placing his pelvis behind the animal. '

'When police arrived, 49-year-old Everett Compton, who was found hiding in some bushes, claimed he was merely feeding some carrots to the animals. '

'But when confronted with the damning images, he allegedly said he had smoked grass, the site reported. '

'Compton was charged with four counts of criminal trespassing, bestiality and cruelty to animals. '

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I'm pretty sure this is Muslim Culture Appropriation.