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Thank you for listing this. I was wondering how the comment, and posting structure worked on voat. Cheers

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It sounds like an innovative way to get around botnet upvoats that can influence content!

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Won't limiting users comments if they have negative CCP simply serve to increase the hivemind atmosphere that Reddit demonstrates? Yes, some people do actively try to say things specifically to get downvotes, but you're providing an additional incentive for people to say things they know will get upvotes. I know Voat is in its early stages, but this might come into play down the road.

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Choose your battles instead of engaging in every skirmish, negotiate terms whenever possible, and fight-when necessary-as cleanly as possible in hopes that the other person will react in kind.

I feel Voat is trying to encourage discussion, not trolls.

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So you are saying I have to dig memyselfori out?

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Yeah. I feel it will make the voating system a game for people in their Voat youth.

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  • Votes are associated with your IP address. That means you cannot vote on the same post or comment using alternate accounts. Only the first vote will be counted.

So people using NAT (I.E.: your little netgear wireless router) are shit out of luck from using Voat? After everything is stable, I'd think this is something that needs to change considering the majority of people who use the internet are NAT'd.

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Except many mobile networks use NAT. And businesses. And Universities... All the places we want people to contribute from.

I understand the initial idea, but there needs to be a different way to restrict this. And I know its a work around to use a VPN at this point, but no one should have to install plugins to be able to voat. And, I would venture to guess those VPN services use NAT as well, so it really doesn't help the situation much.

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So what you are telling me is that my spouse can't upvoat my posts just to make me feel better?

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Yup! But why would you let your spouse know your username? Thats the real question.

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This policy will make many voaters become lurkers.

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Maybe some, but from hanging out on /v/lurkaholics it appears they also make other lurkers become voaters.

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What are the different ways you can loose CCP?

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Basically getting downvoats on a comment.

It's possible deleting a comment with a positive score might as well, but I haven't run that experiment.

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Thank you so much for answering.

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Would like to know the answer to this as well.

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What's the purpose behind this? It's an interesting system. Does past data suggest it will increase positive participation or might it encourage "karma whoring"?

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Does it? And off what have you based this observation?

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There is no data. It is completely baseless, asinine Hitlering over the interactions on this site. Over-administrating at its worst.

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Hyperbole much? The fact your post hasn't been downvoated into oblivion is the first shred of evidence that the system doesn't censor descent.

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Excellent explanation, too bad new comers don't get a copy of this when they sign up

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I actually pressed the save button only now I have to find out where it was saved to though...lol

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Whenever I accidentally hit the downvoat button or tried to upvoat after 20 upvoats when I first started, it posted a note on all this info for me. It was helpful.

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I don't like the IP address thing. What if you have multiple people living in a house and they like the same thing, but 1 person in anotehr house who didn't? That's not a true representation of what the userbase wants to see,

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Or a University. That is a big one.

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