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Atko is Atif Colo. Here is his picture and identity. by [deleted] in Voat

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He's Muslim and eats goats.

No wonder my Muslim comments today got me banned..

This is not a platform for free speech.

Users with DV capabilities can DV someone 50 times ( comments) and then that person can't post anything anymore or reply to comments.

Voat is like the government and they have created a "law" that permits users to infringe upon the free speech of others. It doesn't matter who is doing the censorship on Voat. The point is, there IS CENSORSHIP on voat. Negative comments get hidden anyways. Why would someone ever go out of their way to click on it and be offended ( oh no!). Give us a block button and let users decide for themselves what they are allowed to see.

I never spammed once on @amalek2000 , look for yourself.

I'm spamming now to prove that this system is in fact in place as censorship and not a spam guard.

I shouldn't get silenced and censored from posting because the liberal horde don't like my far right positions on things. If Voat wants to be like this it can, but Voat is lying to attract Reddit users by advertising itself as a platform for FREE SPEECH.

It's quite alarming that a high number of you don't know your rights. In the West we have free speech. I think its all the foreigners on here that don't know what it is or are just jealous we have it.

If 1 person is protesting something it's not free speech if 100 people are able to go after him and tell him to shut up 50 times and silence him. That's called censorship.

free speech - noun- the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.

Because of...

-50 and you're account is locked out more less.

Someone can come on voat, comment and say " Vote trump 2016" and get 50 downvotes and then their account is silenced and Can't post or comment anything.

How is that not censorship?

You can't have free speech and censorship.

Voat promotes itself as a platform for free speech. Unrestricted speech.

Voat is not a platform for free speech as it claims to be.,

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deleted by user by [deleted] in Voat

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What about it?

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PSA For All The Folks Coming From Reddit Recently: This is not Reddit by JayTea in Voat

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Test comment please ignore

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