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There’s all kinds of fuckery going on with those two.

It’s been surmised that early on Obama worked for intelligence and was over in Pakistan on a mission. And of course his school records are unavailable and history and identity mysterious.

Around the time the US was working to weaponize Islamic fundamentalism against the Soviets it is said Bin Laden visited the US under the identity Tim Osman, I believe dressed as a Westerner. (This came out in the 90’s related to the Octopus/Promis conspiracy as researched by Danny Casoleri.

What a strange thing indeed that the big O’s name is reminiscent of the US’s 9/11 supposed arch enemies, Osama and Hussein.

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ive never seen them in the same room together

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Osama has a beard, Obama doesn’t.

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Really Patriot? There is such a thing as shaving and plucking eyebrows..

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might as well be true.

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The overlapping photos, plus barry saetoros fake credentials make me wonder.

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I agree!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=HuMShxAq7XQ :

Is President Obama really Osama Bin Ladin? - YouTube

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Osama is definitely Obama in a derka derka costume