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Growth already killed Voat, now it a den of retardation because morons kept saying (((growth is the only way forward goy)))

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No biggie. I'll still be lurking and posting the occasional comment, but if I can't make any subverses this won't be the place I spend my energy or time.

Also, I'm a native Dane. Not a jew.

Fucking niggerfaggot.

[–] Rotteuxx ago 

Since you're obviously new around here, I don't expect you to get the (((reference))) about growth.

There are only so many smart people & a whole lot of sheep or just plain idiots. When there was a push to have the userbase accept Qtards a lot of us knew what was happening, Voat was being dumbed down on purpose. Then higher IQ people started getting annoyed at their retardation and "white flight" started, leaving mostly dumb nigger lovers & college aged edgelords to flood the place with stupidity & hopium.

I don't see Voat as a place to have objective conversations & intelligent discussions anymore, it's too polarized. It's still a great news aggregator if you have good critical thinking skills.

[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 

You need to toil the soil yourself if you intent to get growth.

[–] koalling [S] ago 

I would, if I could create a subverse.

[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 

The reason things like that are in your way is because you give authority to things like "voat" so that they have the power to represent you, which leaves you in the position of begging for scraps, which in return corrupts them to further exploit you.