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how will i be able to downvoat it then? i don't want that creep getting scp

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It's Anonymous post so votes mean nothing . You don't gain scp in anon posts. That's exactly why he does it in anon so he can't lose points.

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I didn't know that! Makes sense.

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My morning would be brighter than that if anon spamfags all killed themselves tho

[–] GhostskinIsAfaggot [S] ago 

Fucking cowards are afraid of losing worthless internet points.

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Also make sure to block all the Qfag shit like /v/QRV

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This goat gets it.

[–] A_Punkass_Bitch ago 

imagine knowing wtf you're talking about

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What the fuck are you trying to say kike faggot nigger?

[–] A_Punkass_Bitch ago 


[–] BareBackOpSec ago 

What did I miss? Was dial REEEEEEEEEEEEEEing again?

[–] m_1 ago 

...just like who?

[–] GhostskinIsAfaggot [S] ago 


[–] m_1 ago 

I know you dying to do some EAR fuckin. Must be killing you.