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But it's okay for every libtard pundit to HATE on Trump and his followers 24/7??!? What a hypocrite.

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Archived so you don't have to give them any ad shekels:


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doing gods work.

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Voat is not only made of white supremacists and fat-shaming users, but the fact that it still tolerates some of these opinions is a problem that clearly shows how we are still struggling to regulate the internet.

They can fuck off. What or who gives them the right to regulate the internet?

Unlike them, I believe they have the right to be wrong on the internet. Cunts.

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some Reddit users also have a reputation for being ‘social justice warriors’ (SJW) of racism and sexism

Nice doublespeak. That's not what SJW means.

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ScreenshotMedia, yet another leftblog.

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Who cares?

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Again, who?

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Sjws fail to see the irony in what they say

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I hate people who hate "hate" because "hate" isn't even hate and even if it were, hate is an emotion felt by humans and probably other animals too. Also, people who use the word hate like that are usually extraordinarily closed-minded and hateful. As usual with leftists they are accusing others of what they are guilty of. They're so head fucked they don't even know where their bullshit world ends and reality begins anymore.

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The author is a pink- haired cunt.

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