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And quite often they actually kill the dumb whites it works on doing us a favor by killing the cancer among us for us

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It will take some time to fix problems that are 3000 years in the making before we came aloy

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No proof needed, simply talk with a boon and you will notice the lack of IQ and an absence of that spark that is humanity.

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Shhhhhhh... Quiet yourself. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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I had a growing discontent with women when I was browsing some anti-feminism subreddits way too much back in the day. You have to be able to dismiss nutjobs as such or else they win. No matter what there'll always be nice black / white / hispanic / cantonese / etcetc people that you will miss out on if you let it get to you.

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BLM is pushed by jews. Blacks violently chimp out or riot because its their nature.

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Agreed, but post this in /v/Niggers.

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I didn't need any more proof

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It's merely an excuse for violence.

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