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A lot of women are looking to extract value. Its fine to travel with a good woman, but I agree this is something to be wary about. Long time ago I was dating some skank before I knew better. It was clear the relationship was falling apart, and she tried to get a free vacation out of me before we broke up. Thank goodness she didn't.

I have a test for this behavior in a woman you've been dating for a while: Take her camping 1 hour from your home.

Camping is cheap. Make a point of not going to far away so she can't brag about an exotic vacation. If she loves spending a few days with you in the woods, that is a good sign. If she complains and demands a fancy foreign trip, then you know what's up.

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A woman who likes to go camping is the marrying type

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I wish my wife liked camping. Such a city girl. Probably can’t be fixed. Some people just like their creature comforts a bit too much.

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Me too. Ex is one of that bitches. Just Vacation for a feeling. No brain for culture, history and other things. Just beach and wandering. Fuck you bitch. I hate you.

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Same here. My last girlfriend would be upset if she didn't travel frequently. Never went on trips without me though, because I let her know at the beginning that if she was trying to vacation without me that we would be over.

Don't ever let your woman travel alone or with girlfriends. She'll fuck a dude guaranteed. It "doesn't count" on vacation.

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If you have a wife you truly trust, vacation with her friends and not you should not be an issue.

If you chose a shallow, unreliable spouse you need to worry. Same with guys.

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Well you can visit a lot of museums while traveling. Check out different cultures foods also while traveling. Stay away from Africa though, nothing really to see there culturally.

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Fuck, the museum/art gallery meme...

I did a random venture into a state Art Gallery myself last year and to a fucking woman, you'd see "art chick" types come in and spend all of 5 minutes glancing around then fucking off. No reading of the cards to get the historical context etc. Not even checking out how the painter applied paint (the older era artists were magicians with their medium). Maybe a quick photo for the instagram account ("Down at teh Art Gallery. Doing Culture! Tee-Hee!!"), then gone.

I was spending so long actually looking at shit and reading the cards a security guard set up station within eye-line of me like I was casing the joint, because they'd never seen anybody do what I was doing before. Because NOBODY (except school trippers) goes to museums or art galleries any more. It's a fucking MEME. An instagram lie to somehow demonstrate you're cultured.

Same with hiking. No woman who says she's into outdoors shit and hiking will last an hour on a real trail. It's no different to that "Age: 47. Kids: Want someday." meme. It's all "Face". They say what they think will get them the most positive response. You're ironically not actually meant to take them at "Face Value" and invite them out for a ten mile nature walk or anything longer than a 5 minute scan of the local prop "cultural" edifice to get her 'grams in for the day.

Edit: I think I just coined the term "Prop Culture".

Where "Pop Culture" is lowest common denominator/easiest point of access culture that panders to the individual as a consumer. "Prop Culture" is culture that only exist to present the veneer of being cultured or engaged with culture, ostensibly to signal that you're not just the average Dave or Sally Consoomer targeted by commercial and pop culture producers, because you're deeper than that (Also: remember to like and subscribe for my updates!) .

All while the elite uses these otherwise obsolete cultural institutions as money laundering fronts for human trafficking etc.

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Have you been to a modern museum or art gallery? LOL

They are throwing away the 'junk' they find in Scandinavia these days. So diverse. So brave.

[–] Bintemcflinty ago 

Silly billy

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It seems to be the standard response from at least 70% of women. It's a good method for screening them out .

[–] 25311910? ago 

the correct answer is raise kid, have a nice home be happy.

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to travel to a foreign country is a privileged. besides they are just chasing brain chemical rushes for when they get likes on instagram and secure their position in their local social hegemony and hierarchy.

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can chuck a lot of foreign cock though...

slore life

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I was already married by the time I became Eastern Orthodox, but I couldn’t help but notice there are a whole lot of young marrying-age women in the Church, coming from stable families with dads who care about them.

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That is some solid propaganda right there. No disrespect, honestly, you can recruit a lot of good men with that pitch.


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Can I ask what brought you to Eastern Orthodox church? I'm not particularly religious but I have young children and I've been considering what Christian church we might join for their benefit.

[–] persiangovernment 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Ultimately, it was the Holy Spirit of God Who invited me in.

That being said, I lived through a possession-type experience after having obtained a degree of professional success as a practicing occultist. I was delivered from a legion of demons taking turns controlling my body, upon calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was obvious they fear that name.

So I decided, against my own preferences at the time, to begin following the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had a brief foray into evangelical protestantism, because I recognized my Savior in the Bible from which they were preaching.

One day, an Eastern Orthodox man invited me to attend at his parish, to “come and see”.

Upon arriving there, it was immediately obvious to me this is the very same community about which the Book of Acts is written.

I became a catechumen, and in time my whole immediate family, wife and children were received through Holy Baptism into the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

I find Eastern Orthodoxy to be most consistent with my own life experience, and with my historical worldview. I believe Orthodoxy is objectively and absolutely True.

[–] blindwebster ago  (edited ago)

This guy has me thinking about joining the Eastern Orthodox Church: https://www.youtube.com/c/JonathanPageau/videos


The best most interesting analysis of Christian symbolism I've found on Youtube or in a Podcast

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Traveling is fun. I love going to places with old forts and encampments and learning about the history of the area.

But let's be real, that's me, not skanks who want to collect STD's from all over the world.

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There's more to it than that. Someone who isnt' enlightened or have the slightest grasp of the bigger picture, especially but not exclusive to women, who expresses and idea of travelling, it can definitely be a sign of contempt of the developments going on in society, despite them not even knowing. The feeling of "wanting to move away" because there is something wrong where they live (whether it be mass-immigration from non-white countries, the decline of society, the degeneration of everything or whatever jewish tricks you have pick your lot) yet they havent gathered as to why it is they have this feeling. These people are not to reject, but to enlighten. I have done this personally on many occasions with successful results.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with travel. The desire for adventure, to explore and visit remote places, other cultures etc. is something that goes as far back in history of white men as you can look. That's the true celebration of diversity and multiculturalism right there. To go and visit other places than your own, not bring everything into a melting pot with the end result being a brown-grey sludge with no culture or history.

[–] LibertarianForChrist ago 

You see that in liberals who move from California to a place less shitty. Or who travel to other countries but those countries are in Europe or East Asia, or never leaving a tourist trap in a third world country.

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Meh, depends on what she means.

Traveling together when your kids are old enough is fun. Family roadtrips to neat places are nothing but good memories.

[–] 25311930? ago 

if your first thing is travel is very different from your first thing being say raising kids (you can still travel but its not your first priority)

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Standards for a traditional housekeeper wife exist in abundance. Some places with a higher ratio than others, so it seems to matter where you look.

[–] ardvarcus 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

If a woman tells you that she won't do housework, doesn't like to cook, never uses a vacuum cleaner, won't wash dishes, it's a sign that she has disdain for traditional woman's roles. That makes her a bad bet as a life partner.

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Easiest way to find a good one is locate the rare birds who still have two parents living together.

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When I see long fake nails, I know for a fact she's a ho.

[–] kaloora ago 

I don't like to cook, but enjoy making another person happy even if it means cooking something they really enjoy. I prefer small vacuums because tile and wood floors are easiest to clean with many children, plus dogs and family and friends. I hate washing dishes and my husband understands this and does his own usually. But we all do very well together. We love each other and you can believe I don't jump without my husband say to do so or not. He is the head of our home and the leader of our pack/hearts. What he says is enforced and the little ones know not to even bother asking me against his wishes. There are good women out there who don't desire such things but are not lazy and will do because they love to make their partner happy. And that's what it is about. We get married to be happy and to be happy you must do for your partner regardless of how they treat you. Because in time goodness and kindness will pour from both because it is just contagious.

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