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Voting does nothing. No one will fight. Both parties are identical. Get it through your fucking heads.

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Instead of confronting reality they choose to "cope" by pretending the masses will fight back, that collapse is "just around the corner" and if they just do more of nothing for a few more days/months/years everything will be fine, that we will be living in a White ethnostate and we will all be treated like heroes for "spreading the message" for all those years, that we will be given that nice farm we always dreamed about, maybe get that harem we always fantasized about, perhaps we could even be the next Fuhrer himself! If only we do nothing for a little longer you see, we won't have to risk our own lives, the masses will just wake up and we will march on BerlinWashington D.C. and ZOG will just surrender to us because it's just like Weimar Germany you see, it's bound to collapse soon enough, I mean sure, ZOGs control over the minds of the masses is nearly absolute today while in the 1920s and 1930s criticism of international Jewry was mainstream, sure race-mixing, cuckoldry and homosexuality were illegal and abhorred by even most leftists, sure the population of Europe and the U.S. was nearly homogenous and sure, niggers were seen as subhuman animalistic orcs (which they are), but you see, we just have to wait a little bit longer and everything will be fine, all you have to do is hope...

Most people on our side hate it when we try and tell them the truth, that most people will never wake up and fight, it makes them mad because they know that if most people (npcs: https://voat.co/v/whatever/3966539 ) aren't willing to fight back that mean one of two things, either they give up and accept White genocide, either turning into treacherous cucks or awaiting the day, they (alongside their family) commit suicide when ZOG and it's minions (niggers/shitskins and leftists) come after them (try and kill/cuck/rape then, take their kids away, etc.), or we organize and fight back on our own, likely dying in the process and (if we fail) being demonized by the indoctrinated, npc, normie White masses we are trying to save and having our families and communities destroyed forever.

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belarus pres that won is based and we know that is popular amongst most people even if MSM says it isn't so I bet he did win most votes it's just they had fake polls like the ones for Hillary in 2016.