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Uh ohhh...

Stars are problematic because people in poorer neighborhoods don't have access to telescopes.

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Stars are a myth. Space isn't real.

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Stars are real. Space is not.

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So what's in the sky at night?

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Did you just assume my location? Stars are a social construct.

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The Industrial Revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

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You're an idiot. If the Industrial Revolution would have happened decades earlier there would be no niggers in the US because we would have had machines to do all the labor that we had the niggers doing.

What I would do with dim-wits like you is I would strip you down (the clothes that you're wearing on your flabby body right now were made by machines) butt-naked and drop you into a primitive village in the Amazon jungle so that you can live amongst like-minded people. We'd see how much you hate technology then!

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Enjoy your vaccine.

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Your wrong. Slaves would have still been cheaper for enough jobs (((they))) would have still imported them

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Um, yikes.

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Imagine the USSR with modern/futuristic technology.

Automated farms, therefore no starvation by mismanagement. Ai listening devices in every home. Neural Networks detecting not only dissenters, but classifying them based on how subversive their personality is. AI Chatbots in social media pretending to be real humans and creating false consensus.

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Jews and their consequences have been a disaster.

Industry wouldn't be a problem in an all white civilization.

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Good point.

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"Technology bad goy!"

Lol @ u

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Uncle Teds literature stands on it's own.

[–] TechDumb ago 

A disaster for the white race, a tremendous boon for everyone else. I wish we could take all our toys that our ancestors invented and go home with them.

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Yes! I currently live in a place where there are no visible stars and I feel severed from an important part of nature and my connection to it. Bare feet on the earth, eyes to the stars, and the body completes the whole circuit. It is unnatural to not see them. They have inflicted severance from nature on every level and it's evil. It creates dysfunction.

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i remember living on 10 acres in the country. we'd see shooting stars all the time and see the whole milky way. then walmart moved in 5 miles away, then the rest of the city eventually followed and blotted out the stars. ever since then ive been trying to find a place to live with stars. soon ill be part of helping develop self sufficient affordable communities to help move people out of the cities back to a more natural human environment. the property we're looking at has stars, i cant wait

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Don’t fucking help citiots out of their concrete prisons unless they are based friends and family. Otherwise you’re just helping a semi contained problem spread, and no, nature and stars won’t magically make them see the truth.

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Yes, you are correct. I am now sitting in the middle of a forest with tall, tall trees. It is often silent here at night. Not one sound. And you can see the stars. It brings you close to God. I pray a lot in the silence. Silence is actually an exalted state. One time I wrote a poem entitled: "I come for the silence...." I feel sorry for people who are surrounded by noise all the time. I left the city and returned to the silent place, and life is so much more real. And of course, peaceful. Alone in the silence.

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People who have lost touch w the wonders of life would be the same in the country. I live inside a mid sized city and I have plenty. The stars are obscured but the wonders of the universe and life are everywhere around me. The people who have lost touch just don't see them.

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Just got back from a vacation in the desert where I could actually see the sky for the first time. Truly makes you question city living when you see the natural beauty this country has to offer

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Well shit. Such a simple explanation for the insanity in cities. Makes sense. Kind of reminds me of the people of the Planet Krikkit from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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Right! Glad to see a fellow hitchhiker on here. Best book ever? Maybe?

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Unfortunately you are right about light pollution... Few years ago a small city around here turned off power at night for some work. Went to take a walk there on purpose. It was quite surreal, a ghost town in complete darkness and the stars... Also, back then there was no nig there yet. So it wasen't used as opportunity for crimes, peoples were sleeping.

[–] Varlet ago 

Us cities used to have a curfew where all outside lights were to be turned off. This existed in the big cities too(like NYC or Chicago). This cut down on the light and noise pollution that is so prevalent in cities today. People didn't work at night because there was no need to. As kikes realized that you could exploit the gentiles for more labor if you included night time shifts(double the labor per factory/location) then the cities started keeping lights on at night. The kikes spun it as the great herald of civilization when humans defeated the night but it was nothing other than their typical greed at work. Nowadays having a curfew and lights out is being spun as beneficial for crime. Little do people realize that criminals don't see in the dark and that, having to create their own light, would make them easier to spot.

[–] AcceptableWays ago 

Fuck off with the yahood garbage. No power usually mean less security. Things like motion sensor light are out, most home alarm are out too as peoples don't replace the battery often enough, and so on... Im sure that if that town was Niggerfuxated it would have been a night of crime with only a handful of cops car around as its a small town. Also, after a while when there no streetlight at all your eyes adjust and you see much better. Instead of contrast between the lit up street and dark corner everything is the same light level. As for night shift, its really just for more profit or nessesities. Even the muslim hellhole that drove off or killed all the jews got peoples working at night...

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