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How are you preparing for a communist takeover?

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There is no prepare. You shoot first or die.

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I'm actually selling my small overpriced house in the city (before property values collapse) and moving to something in the woods that's less than half the price and twice as big. The town will be too small for protesters to make an impact so they'll drive by. There won't be a government as such, no police department, no city sewer or water.

My job has no plans to send us back anytime soon, so there is no reason for me to be anywhere near the city.

I'm going to plant my own food, raise enough animals to eat, make my own beer and wine.

Essentially, I'm going to disappear.

(Ps) I may be on the late side, I'm having a difficult time finding a nice property. They are selling after only 2 or 3 days on the market. Just FYI.

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The attempt?

Well, I’d like to say I was ready but there was a tragic boating accident.

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Hence, the reason I have never subjected myself to the filth on fakebook, twatter, insanestagram.

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Your post is SPOT ON!!!

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I'm sure the majority of society would agree with you, but too many people either are too scared to speak out for fear of having their lives ruined, or too ignorant to really think about what they "know".

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You're probably right.

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It feels good just to call someone a niggerfaggotkike without getting blacklisted and having your bank accounts seized.

Being able to criticize open border EU cuckery, retarded feral niggers, and Israel is more icing on the free speech cake.

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Most people only agree about very few things, Jews in power and Muslims are violent is not in their Overton window.

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The silent majority doesn't exist, most people are asleep and will remain so for as long as we refuse to act. @WhiteFathers

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Whites have always had a bottom 90%. The overwhelming majority of us are 95-105 IQ. They are our folk and it is unreasonable to expect them to be something they are not or to do something they can't. Civilization is a byproduct of our best men leading & working harmoniously with our common man.

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I disagree, media and social networks pump up the extremes, silent majority exists

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just from posting on pol / voat / etc ive been approached in real life by (((them))) at least twice at my local grocery store.

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How did they recognize you?

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What did they say and why only in the grocery store?

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Did you just assume my sanity?

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does that outrage you? you really are outraged for no reason!

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We are just peaceful protesters!

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It's missing a hint of FUS RO DAH during the explosion.

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Not in the double speak sense, either; truthfully and honest!

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I've kinda gone the other way...the degree of sanity here makes me hate interacting with normies SO FUCKING MUCH.

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It's like talking to a sleepwalker.

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When I interact with your average voter outside of Voat... This is all I hear:




It's like they are speaking, but in ways that are not relevant to my existence. Just static.

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The thing about a sleepwalker is they don't actively prevent you from getting your shit done. I would prefer if the people at the supermarkets were sleepwalking so then I wouldn't have to deal with their idiotic masks, lines, muffled interactions, lack of change...I could just ignore them completely.

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This is how I feel.

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Let me tell you something. They don’t want the bars open because the seeds of revolution are sown in the tavern.

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Fascinating point.

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Join a local white resistant group. They are popping up all over. Don't listen to all the kikes here telling you to Allah Snackbar yourself like some idiotic lone wolf. The stage must be set first over time. People are only just beginning to wake up but it's happening faster and faster.

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How on earth is this found?

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This is the very question I've been attempting to figure out since I found this site. Sitting around complaining like little bitches does nothing for the movement. Having this site for information is all fine and all, but it doesn't make a difference in the real world.

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Stop oppressing black people and the riots will stop.

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I don't want them to stop. Not until we stop it for good. So please, burn as much of America down as you can.

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This post makes my spider senses tingle

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Oh, come on now, fellow red pilled friend of pepe! We are all here to speak ill of the minorities and to plan out our plans and to be chaos here in English speaking American! Please, lock her up!, as we often are saying here, patriotic caterpillar comrade - errr, I mean - friendo!

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there seems to be a lot of bullshit all over the internet.

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