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I doubt voat can make it to the front page of any magaizine much less the times.I doubt they want anyone redpilled about the jew.

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I think it is more to lighten the workload of the server. Wish I could sort all subs by new again though.

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That NYT thing was just a joke.

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I'd believe just about anything is real in today's clown world. Honk honkler for president.

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They should interview a few of us. Me, @Tallest_Skil and Sanegoat. kek

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They’d cut my part of the interview and keep Sanegoat’s. That I can promise you.

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Would it be something like this?

Times Reporter: "Mr Skil, what do you think is causing this deep racial divide in America?"

Tallest_Skil: "Jews"

Times Reporter: "Well, what about-"

Tallest_Skil: "Jews"

Times Reporter: "And the-"

Tallest_Skil: "Jews, damn it"

Times Reporter: "but-"

Tallest_Skil: "Did I fucking stutter?"

Times Report: "Okay, so, how about that cow having fun with his friend?"

Tallest_Skil: "God bless him, he's a patriot and a scholar."

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heh heh

[–] gabaras [S] ago 

Probably your most accurate prediction to date. They'd hate me.

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I always assumed that was the point of the stupid kid photo bomb, to build such a narrative.

No one is scared of voat antisemitism, the useful idiots here do well enough keeping it uninviting. We dont even have any NOeye men, no old school Catholics, it's just an echo chamber for one fbi approved (brand) of it.