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I heard Putt was in a brig on a ship in the Indian ocean.

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Lol you fucking retard. Try default/new for new posts on the default subs.

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Yes... that does work but the DEFAULT listing that all the new users see is 14 day old posts.

Don't you think they should fix the default page as it comes up before sorting by new so that the first thing new visitors see is not 14 day old posts?

We aren't going to grow the site if we laugh at newbs who can't instinctively navigate past Voat's own retarded fucking default page.

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So I logged out to view the front page, and it relegated me to sorting by 'hot'. I saw posts from today and 14 days ago, so that's just sorting.

While I agree, cause I exclusively browse /new myself, I have to ask: If they aren't smart enough to look up top and see 'Oh, that must mean New posts' ... Do you want them? We've already got a bunch, they keep coming when reddit bans the subs, do you really want more?

I get it, for site growth, we need quantity over quality really at this point but man. That's a weird hill to die on. Lol

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Option B, IMO

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So Voat is intentionally avoiding Reddit refugees?

Keep the site small?

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why does it matter what default says