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Fuck off trying to excuse it being broke.

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Lol it's mighty fucked. 5 days already without a server reboot. Crazy @PuttItOut what are you doing mate. Reboot already.

[–] Miklo ago 

It was finally fixed. Your front page should be only subs you like.

[–] folkov [S] ago 

I like this way much better.

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That's because you are fucktarded.

[–] Miklo ago 

Problem with front page, that everyone was abusing it for karma points.

They will not post 4chan screencap to 4chan sub. instead they will post in default subs (news, politics, funny and of course whatever sub)

Now Front page is your default subs, not some random choice of popular subs.

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The problem with the front page is it's not reloading right. I don't give a fuck about any precious subs.

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[–] folkov [S] ago 

How is not true? Front page is different for every user. Before was some default subs chosen by admin. Now front page is what you choose. No subs will be forced by admin on your front page.

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[–] karkov ago 

i never use the front page i always use /v/all

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I never do because qtards ruined it

[–] karkov ago 

i just blocked some subs

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Now is kinda handy. Subscribe to subs you are posting and check your posts status.

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I sometimes accidentally browse front, because I forgot to add the /v/all. It's refreshing every once in a while, because it gets old having to skim over the QRV and awakening crap.

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Front page is just bunch of default not moderated subverses. Since we don't have admins anymore and default subs were hijacked by karma whores. All those subs lost their special privilege. They aren't face and heart of VOAT anymore.