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Fear paralyzes people. Right now, Americans are paralyzed by fear of a tiny virus that in all probability will never come near or hurt them. They are allowing the destruction of their lives, their schools, their commerce, their jobs, their entertainments and especially, their faith. Stop being afraid. Listen to Solzhenitsyn!!!!

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there was no virus it was seasonal flu same as every year they just labeled everything covid1984 and the jew media was weaponized to spread the fear along with insiders like doctor fucki

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I think there really is a virus. It's nothing new! It's the same old upper respiratory virus that people get every year!

The (((media))) has carried on for years about the flu and how everyone needs to get their flu shot. Every year tons of people get sick and go see a dr, terrified that they have the flu! Over and over again the docs run tests and give them the great news! No! You don't have the flu! It's just an upper respiratory virus. You can relax! And people do!

"Whew! I don't have the flu!"

Except this year the cabal needed a disaster! So they went all out to scare the shit out of everybody!

That's all that happened. Plain and simple!

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Uhhhh.. Covid is worse than seasonal flu but it's hardly as dangerous as they make it out to be.

[–] Mustard_Monkey ago 

We probably all had it @numina18

[–] rebel_1812 ago 

I think these riots have stopped all the lockdown bullshit. How can police arrest anyone for violating the lockdown orders when they don't arrest niggers for rioting and burning down the downtown core?

[–] ReadPastHeadlines ago 

they also stopped all the reopening bullshit too.

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Maybe.. Voat isn't designed to change you, but to show you the real, raw unfiltered world around you.

[–] Rockfish1000 ago 

Or to awaken that which was already there.

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We need more regular militia walking around with ARs. Had they been present, they would've seen the "cops" doing their bullshit and drawn on them to stop them instead of pointing phones at them.

[–] Grask1901 ago 

They're in Spokane now.

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If the people are united, they can take down an oppressive government. If the people are divided, they are easy pickings. It's why (((they))) want us to fight among ourselves so we are too busy to turn on them.

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The author of "200 Years Together" as well. Russians are the best writers. If you haven't read Dostoevsky yet you are missing something. If you want to take advice from a fellow Goat, "Crime and Punishment" and "The Brothers Karamazov" are groundbreaking pieces of literature.

[–] Rockfish1000 ago 

It's been over twenty years since I read it, but I like The Idiot as well. Or was that Tolstoy? Can't remember and too lazy to look it up.

[–] PlatosCaveman ago 

Motion seconded. The Brothers K is astounding. Recommend the Pevear/ Volokhonsky translation.

[–] 24085110? ago 

I remember the translation I read had a preface. She was some sort of Russian nobility. She gave a lot of context in the preface that clears up a lot. One of the main things in Russian writing is their use of nicknames that are hard to link to their characters.

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Praying one day the hunter becomes the hunted.

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It's really just a matter of acting upon the outrage, instead of repressing it.

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I read the book 20+ years ago. It's time for a re-read.

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Holy shit; nobody's called you a glownigger yet!