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Maybe we should start rioting every time they murder a White family in a warrantless no-knock raid. Of course, instead of burning down our own neighborhoods, we should burn down theirs.

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Less riot, more vigilante justice. It's what built America in the first place. It can rise again. Consequence needs to return to tyrants for their actions, or their actions will only continue.. or get worse.

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Citizens should be enforcing domestic justice against all enemies - tyrants or other Citizens.

Not militarized Police forces acting as armed thugs for the Political ruling class.

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I'm honestly starting to believe this is the only answer. Time will tell if we have the balls to make it happen.

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Maybe we could bring back tar and feathering.

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Well, they did bus in antifa and BLM from different areas and told the police to stand down. If whites started rioting you would see all the cool toys come out, the NG guarding certain buildings, lots of mass arrests, and so on.

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Due to sheer ratios of Citizen vs. Police, those fancy toys would be in our hands in short-order with real civil unrest.

That's probably why they're only rolled out for the low IQ proletariat.

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Of course, instead of burning down our own neighborhoods, we should burn down theirs.

A good first step in the right direction.

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Oy vey you are a terrorist

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Get rid of it all and go back to the 2a. I will protect myself with a machine gun thankyou.

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100% the way it should be. Citizens exact Justice. Government is beholden to the Citizens.

This modern authoritarian dystopia wherein a tyrant Government thinks it owns us, when it's the other way around, needs a swift correction if America is to continue at all.

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It should be illegal to be unarmed in public. It used to be a that way in the colonies. Cops should stop people and make them take shooting tests and if they fail they get a ticket.

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Police AND MINORITIES have a monopoly on violence.

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Minorities, Anti-fa, etc. are being used as brownshirts. They're "unofficial" enforcers for when the police would look bad doing something.

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Police are not the only one's able to do violence without repercussions.

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"Minorities" can only be violent because the police, at the behest of jews, protect them from righteous white people.

[–] Shadowlight ago 

Even when minorities are rightfully tackled, or hurt when they are attacking others, police are often blamed.

Hands up dont shoot anyone?

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All true. Now what happens if it was a psyop? Nothing, except the zeitgeist is re-enforced. Psyop or real, that is the result.

[–] virge [S] ago 

It's frustrating when it's so easy to conclude that these occurrences all equate to simple "are you not entertained?" memes.

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Yeah I watched the video myself. This is not policing. This is not even an attitude adjustment to make some ghetto gorilla say "sir" to his betters. This is 100% straight up, no-excuses capital-M murder.

They may be wrong to use it as an excuse to burn and loot but the anger is 100% justified.

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The niggers took over a police station as the cops ran away, refusing to use deadly force to fight back. The police monopoly on violence has been greatly exaggerated.

[–] Cade_Connelly_13 ago 

Basically every cop in the USA now has "Treyvon Martin Syndrome".

[–] virge [S] ago 

Add in *for whites.

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They are also showing that you don't mess with niggers. While whites can get ordered around like cattle.

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These niggers dont care about black lives. This is just an excuse to loot a Target and get themselves some shit.

If they really cared, the riot would involve this mob hunting down and lynching the asshole cop who murdered the guy. Do that a few times, and I guarantee asshole cops will start thinking twice about murdering people.

But its not about that, not at all.

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