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Called Mom and all she did was bitch that Voat was down and that she couldn‘t post about Q.

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10/10! KEK!

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you're a faggot

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Q predicted this.

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1 day of darkness...

come on Q, let's do 10!

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1st day in months on "Voat - Have your say™" that Crensch didn't ban anyone for having their say on GreatAwakening sub.

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Is the Answer Yes to All?

Was SenateAnon the Anon before Q or not?

Did SenateAnon say “keep digging into Racine” or not?

Was the NXIVM doctor Danielle Roberts’ family from Racine or not?

Was Anthony Weiner proven to be connected with both NXIVM and the Knights of Pythias or not?

Were Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer and Robert Byrd deleted from the Knights of Pythias Wikipedia page after the connections to Racine were exposed or not?

Did the Art in Embassies program begin with major contributions from the Johnsons in Racine or not?

Did Tony Podesta admit to his big break into art and politics after meetings in Racine or not?

Is Racine a major hub for human trafficking or not?

Did the I-94 Project and Fight to End Exploitation suddenly ‘wind down’ after it was exposed as a cover for those involved or not?

Did Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his VP running mate or not?

Was Mitt Romney named after the quarterback of one of first NFL teams from Racine or not?

Did Jenny Moore die after getting into a fight with George Webb Sweigert or not?

Was Jenny Moore’s last submission here @Jem777 about “going into the heart of darkness” to find The Truth in Racine or not?

Was the billion dollar referendum endorsed by Joe Biden passed in Racine or not?

Was The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World made in Racine or not?

Did Paul Ryan suddenly resign at the peak of his career after being the most powerful man in the House for 10 years or not?

Did the Pizzagate moderators blackmail and threaten members of Voat or not?

Did the GreatAwakening moderators lie about “not deleting comments” or not?

Did @gamepwn and other Voat members receive death threats including from moderators for investigating Racine or not?

Did @ababcb and others figure out that everything shared about Racine since The Beginning was The Truth or not?

Did past officials and community leaders including billionaires and mayors of Racine get exposed as pedophiles or not?

Did Voat close the entire site behind a login screen to hide years of research from search engines or not?

Did the virus begin on January 15th in the U.S. as you were told or not?

Did the first corporate party to celebrate chip implants happen in Wisconsin or not?

Is Sustainability the foundation for Agenda 21 and 2030 or not?

Did Racine “win” a contest to become the key small community as a model for global smart cities or not?

Do the Rothschilds live in Racine or not?

Was Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s real name Bauer or not?

Is the world’s largest fresh water supply connected to Wisconsin or not?

Are ancient formations and civilizations connected to Racine and Wisconsin or not?

Is The Path of Souls through Racine, Wisconsin or not?

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know - are they desperate to Hide or Eliminate The Truth?

Is Jesus Christ and The Truth The Only Way to Heaven or not?

@FindingTruth - did Crensch admit they were going to ban and censor anyone investigating Racine or not?

Are Voat moderators and administrators complicit to Murder or not?

Did moderators partner with Argosciv who openly admitted to Satan worship and blood drinking?

Was The Truth shared about Racine since The Beginning?

Did Trump make The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World with known Luciferian pedophiles?

Is the founder of Rotary International who partnered with Clinton and Gates global health and vaccination programs from Racine?

Are the Pilgrims Society, Sphinx Head Society, Skull & Bones, Committee of 300, Council of 13, Club of Rome, Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Aspen Institute, Brookings Institution and many others in the network all connected to Racine?

Was That 70’s Show featuring a cast dominated by Freemasons and Scientologists featuring the Shriners Red Fez set in Racine (Wind Point / Point Place)?

Are NXIVM, SNCTM, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fellowship Cult, Knights of Pythias, Knights of Malta, Odd Fellows, Jesters, SOBIB, Elk, Moose, Jesuit, Scientology, Unitarianism, Boy Scouts, FLDS and OTO groups all closely connected to NASA, and were the Majestic 12 where the majority of original members were from Wisconsin who organized expeditions with Admiral Byrd to Antarctica?

Is Exit 333 on the most trafficked route leading to the Path of Souls where The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World was made and the model for the real Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement with the Mark of the Beast was built in connection with CERN and quantum computing enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and the Clinton’s model for Community Policing?

Did the “virus” begin in the U.S. on January 15th as you are being lied to, or before?

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Lol, do they actually ban people?

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Or have to listen to the Racine guy in the Pizzagate sub and all his freakin’ riddles. Or the asshole “Are We Sure”.... yeah, we’re definitely sure it was a great day not having to listen to those two dingbats. But I always get a kick out of seeing the username “Diggernicks” no matter what bullshit he’s gotta say.

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Yep I was one of those. Lol

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This site is still the best.

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I was forced to visit reddit

holy shit that place is literally blatant anti-white propaganda it's not even funny. I swear every other thread is "white peepo this, whyt peepole dat"

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I made one comment about the whole jogger incident and it was very mild asking about something and I was instabanned in 5 secs on a huge thread. They must have 1000's of people monitoring it for "misinformation". There is literally no place on Reddit anymore that I don't see Orange man bad or how socialism is greatest system in the world...

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reddit 2020: oogah boogah jogga wypipo rayssis cracka

[–] GoatSufferage ago 

It’s a government run shill site where any truth is suppressed by Zionist 50cent warriors in an attempt to increase racial tension in America. What the fuck did you expect?

[–] PaulNeriAustralia ago 

You're in quarantine then.

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Hey Putt, thanks for staying with this upgrade and getting us back online. We really appreciate you! Thanks.

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I hope your dad never actually wanted to go downtown and watch sweaty niggers.

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LOL! I think he never wanted to, but it was his job. Beat cop 60's and 70's. I'm certain he was red pilled from that, walking the beat downtown and later patrolling high-crime areas. He was just disgusted with it . . .

He used to hold up his nightstick and tell me, "This is the Judge and Jury."

[–] VQTmom ago 

I second.

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Blah blah blah, was voat down? ...OKAY FINE I WAS CHECKING IT EVERY FOUR MINUTES! (My index finger has a callous from hitting refresh)

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She's been dead now for years. Thanks for nothing.

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Go buy a shovel you lazy nigger.

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This is why I keep coming back to Voat, comments like this faggot's brighten my day.

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Dear Everyone With a Mother

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Born in tube. Feels bad man.

[–] toobaditworks 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

<reddit image.blacks.chimpin.jif>

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Voat died (briefly) in her honor.

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My mom hates you, me and everything we do and trump.

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Same ha ha.

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Y'all need to do a better job redpilling your moms.

Tell them many Americans didn't vote FOR Trump so much as AGAINST Hillary. At which point you should be able to mention all the dirt you can remember on Hillary Clinton.

It is also good to be able to make predictions. I was able to predict the rise of Greta Thunberg, for example, after her FIRST public appearance. That was shocking, to normies, that I knew beforehand she would become an icon of sorts.

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I told my ma, hmd, lowercase to show I am not trying hard. And slammered her with the weeks projections. And a final sentence, what did trump do to you? They never answer that. (Prolly blocked) I'll have to set up voip numbers when ever I want to force a message through. Bitch.

[–] PaulNeriAustralia ago 

you...you must be my long lost brother I've heard so little about! Goddamn!

[–] Tallest_Skil 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Good. You represent a diseased, gangrenous limb that we need to lop off our race.

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I reckon your mother is the reason for your depression. No, no, not the niggers or the kikes or the whoever...your mom!

[–] Meme_Factory_1776 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I'll remember that when I read about you.

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I was planning on taking the day off of voat anyway and I was looking forward to seeing if anyone would miss me but you totally ruined it!

[–] PuttItOut [S] 1 point 19 points (+20|-1) ago 

Everyone missed you.

[–] Nadeshda 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

True and everyone missed you Putts, like in a lot!

PS: @worf_motorboats_troi sorry to tell you this, but Putts totally stole yer thunder there mate...

The thought did actually cross my mind to send you this long soppy letter of missing something, probably my mind, but it crashed... then the site crashed too!

It was a totally a way-out moment for me.

Thankfully I survived the Mother's Day ban of 2020! Hoorah!

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That's a relief

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I’m sorry, who are you?

[–] Cebi 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

It says right there:


You're welcome.

[–] WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI ago  (edited ago)

Noooo, you've bruised my internet ego!

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When all this shit blows over and I actually have to work again, I'll miss my morning coffee while watching 80's movies with you :)

[–] WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

If movie night stays on Saturdays it could still work out

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I talked to her for 2 f'ing hours on the phone last night, it was the only present I could give her. She appreciated it though.

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Did she ask about me?

[–] White_Collar_Crimnal 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I didn't want to mention it. (She didn't, I'm sorry, it was all about me)

[–] PaulNeriAustralia ago 

she did and she said her boy was not to hang out with you because you're a bad influence.

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Wow! I'm lucky if I can get two minutes with me mum on the phone! You're a brave man!

[–] PaulNeriAustralia ago 

jesus - 1 hour has me gnawing at my arm. The conversation is like "groundhog day".

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Like I said, I did it for my cat-lady Mom who doesn't even have a cat. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice for the people who did their best to raise you.

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