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Looking forward to increased stability for less interruptions in my Hebrew Studies.

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Are Voat administrators and moderators involved with and complicit to Murder?

What really happened to @Jem777 and @Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt?

Why have Pizzagate and GreatAwakening moderators issued death threats against anyone who investigates Racine, Wisconsin?

Why did George Webb Sweigert claim to have met Jesus Christ in Racine who he said “had the drop on him”, and who proved he was a liar in front of Jenny? Why did George who does not believe in Jesus Christ have a fight with Jenny who did believe in Jesus Christ immediately before she was killed? Why was George’s brother Dave so upset about the meeting?

Why were Voat moderators blackmailing users? Why did Voat moderators censor and ban anyone looking into Racine? Why did they lie about censoring comments until it was proven they were censoring and targeting anything related to Racine?

What did @ababcb and @manyx find out about The Truth in Racine, and why did @gamepwn receive death threats for investigating Racine?

What did the Anon before Q, SenateAnon say before they vanished offline?

“Keep digging into Racine”

When did the Virus really begin in the US and why is everyone being lied to?

Why did Q never dig into it or reveal why Paul Ryan really resigned, why Paul Ryan was involved in the Tarmac meeting, or what The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World really enables?

What are the “17” goals of Sustainable Development that are the foundation for the Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement with the Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and Community Policing?

Why was That 70’s Show set in Racine involving a cast of Scientologist and Freemasons, why did Hanx quote A League of Their Own after the outbreak and what is True Blood?

Where is the NXIVM Doctor from, why were Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer and Robert Byrd removed from the Knights of Pythias wikipedia page before Q began, why did Voat really close and require a login, why did Q flood Voat, and why would Trump make The Deal for the 8th Wonder fo the World with a family of Luciferian pedophiles?

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

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@Cransch @Cebi @drysoup333 Here's a few answers to some of the questions:

What did the Anon before Q, SenateAnon say before they vanished offline?

The anon 1 month before Q's damage control Psyop was SenateAnon, and he said to "keep digging into Racine". Read his threads here:

PART I http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/141078354 https://archive.fo/eOLHb

PART II http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/141090963 https://archive.fo/w74Qg

PART III http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/141101552 https://archive.fo/jx3L0

PART IV http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/141109967 https://archive.fo/XYjw2

When did the Virus really begin in the US and why is everyone being lied to?

The virus began in or near Racine Wisconsin, not Wuhan China. It was covered up as E-cigarette deaths. It was certainly there in October 2019 but may have been active as early as April 2019


>"COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US"

As readers will recall from the earlier article (above), Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists and pharmacologists have determined that the new coronavirus could have originated in the US since that country is the only one known to have all five types – from which all others must have descended.

Wuhan in China has only one of those types, rendering it in analogy as a kind of “branch” which cannot exist by itself but must have grown from a “tree”.

The Taiwanese physician noted that in August of 2019 the US had a flurry of lung pneumonias or similar, which the Americans blamed on ‘vaping’ from e-cigarettes, but which, according to the scientist, the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes.

He said he wrote to the US officials telling them he suspected those deaths were likely due to the coronavirus. He claims his warnings were ignored.

Cases involved in the outbreak of severe lung illness associated with vaping products were first identified in Illinois and Wisconsin in April 2019.


Some of the earliest deaths were in Racine https://journaltimes.com/news/local/mother-anguished-after-teenage-son-s-vaping-death/article_c8ee16ec-9dfb-5e38-8def-4ae2225e450a.html

Why did Q never dig into it or reveal why Paul Ryan really resigned

Paul Ryans resignation must have had something to do with the congressional Page Program that he canceled just before resigning, which was responsible for destroying the careers of Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley, who was the chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

Where is the NXIVM Doctor from

The NXIVM Doctor Danielle Roberts, who branded women with Keith Ranieres initials, is from Racine

What are the “17” goals of Sustainable Development that are the foundation for the Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement with the Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities and Community Policing?

This is why Q is fixated on the number 17:

GOAL 1: No Poverty = Control currency

GOAL 2: Zero Hunger = Control all food supplies

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being = Control healthcare

GOAL 4: Quality Education = Control education

GOAL 5: Gender Equality = Control men through control of women

GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation = Control all sources of water

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy = Control all sources of energy

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth = Control all employment opportunities

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure = Control all industry. Control all infrastructure. Control innovation.

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality = Destroy the middle class

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities = Control consumption

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production = Control consumption

GOAL 13: Climate Action = Control consumption

GOAL 14: Life Below Water = Control all movement on water

GOAL 15: Life on Land = Control all movement on land

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions = Enforcement

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal = Kapo system. Creation of a class of controlled, privileged elites.

Covid is accomplishing all of these goals.

Why was That 70’s Show set in Racine involving a cast of Scientologist and Freemasons

I believe "Point Place" from That 70's Show was set in Wind Point in Racine because the economy of Point Place is based off of slaughter houses and Racine is a literal slaughter house where the depopulation Agenda of 2030 is being modeled.

why were Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer and Robert Byrd removed from the Knights of Pythias wikipedia page before Q began

I'm not sure why they were removed, but someone removed them on June 11th, 2017 by someone with an IP address at

>14:20, 11 June 2017‎ talk‎ 20,095 bytes -1,113‎


Here's a list of all of the removed names:

Chuck Schumer

Robert Byrd

Anthony Weiner

Peter T King, a US Congressman

Richard Irvine Manning III, Governor of South Carolina

Freddie Martin, musician, band leader

Sun Ra, jazz musician

Joe Rollins, Texas Attorney General, Houston Asst. City Attorney

J. Millard Tawes, governor of Maryland

Francis E. Warren, first governor and longtime senator of Wyoming

James E. West, first professional Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America

Frederick Hinde Zimmerman, banker, businessman, and founder of the Grand Rapids Hotel

why would Trump make The Deal for the 8th Wonder fo the World with a family of Luciferian pedophiles?

what [does] The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World really enables?

The "deal for the 8th wonder of world" is an internet of quantum "water computers" that is being constructed in secret right now at the Foxconn Plant in Racine, Wisconsin. It requires 7 million gallons of water from the Great Lakes per day.



Integrating quantum computing with long-existing tech, such as this, which allows a computer to read thoughts by analyzing brain waves, would allow for a complete mind control grid that could read and analyze the thoughts of millions of people simultaneously in real time. Basically, the movie Minority Report becomes reality.

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I don't know. Answer some of the questions.

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Why are temporarily deleted accounts no longer recoverable?

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So you're white

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Hey @puttitout @atko @silentjewishpartner

Can you tweet from the original voat account?? You seem to not have access to it anymore. The original owners used to use it all the time.


Thanks in advance,


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Like Chelsea Handler!

[–] clubberlang 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

And toxic and male the only people that commit all the crimes all the time

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Hahaha voat and stable... Topkek

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Oy Vey , my Yeshiva was impacted too !

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Cohencidence that @gabara outs Israeli fakeputt can not fully utilize suicidedputts system and starts getting traction and viola suicidedputt account appears as if still alive and well to post a site-wide sticky assuring everyone that Israeli fakeputt is really suicidedputt...

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Still working with the NSA? Where is the warrant canary?

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You know, I'm pretty sure one of the reasons Putt took so much time away (besides letting his heart-rate return to normal levels), was so that the people intent on voicing their mistrust of him would just -- leave.

Instead they stick around and riddle every thread concerning him or Voat with concerning trolling.

Anyway, as anyone who has been paying attention knows, there are three critical details about the Canary to always consider: it was only ever updated upon submissions made to /v/Announcements. This is /v/Voat. As far as precedent is concerned, there is no reason for the Canary to be updated today.

Secondly, the Canary is dead, and this is no secret. Voat received a DMCA takedown request from BlackRifleCoffeeCompany, and then received a warning from a US Agency about death threats. So the Canary is dead.

Thirdly, the Canary never meant anything anyway - no Canary ever means anything. The only reason Voat ever got a Canary was because that autist SaneGoat insisted to the point of spamming the entire website about it.

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Lesson learned: Spam the site to win.

This has been an official message from Black Rifle Coffee Company.

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Well, I personally appreciated the canary. I've spoken of stuff that could potentially be used against me in a court of law. Imagine I shot a nigger and had to defend myself in court and they wanted to use my voat history against me.

Or imagine it's time to refresh the tree of liberty, but tyrants are looking to prevent that, so they need our ip addresses.

I don't ever talk about anything illegal on the clearnet, but I could still see stuff that has been discussed here used against me.

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Good lord, Mr Greedy! Leave some cum in Putt's balls for someone else!

So rude! SMH.

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best part is that they (BRC) cried over an account that was made with their name and never used. Never tried their coffee due to that problem, think they were actually offered the account and turned it down.

The issue really brought out their colors and last time I checked they had some rather toxic politics. This thread is also a reminder why i originally chose not to buy from them, and i was about to make an order the following pay day.

Kinda miss SaneGoat, wonder where they are posting today

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You know, the canary has a purpose. It's to speak for you when you can't speak for yourself. If the canary was broken or just needed updating, he probably would have said something about it. But if it served his purpose, he probably can't talk about it, and it's doing exactly what it was supposed to do. So stop doubting the canary.

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Where have you been for the past year or so?

The canary went bust a long time ago.

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So many trolls. RIP canary.

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The Holocaust was faked.

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Does Israel have a nuclear program? Who handles these types of questions :)

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The more important question is how did Israel get nukes

[–] [deleted] 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 


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They do, and JFK was assassinated over it.

[–] TeddyJackson 5 points 1 point (+6|-5) ago 

No, no one does. Nuclear weapons never existed.

There are no photos of blast craters in Japan. The two cities were rebuilt right where they were. They were fire bombed like everything else.

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What about allowing guests who don't have accounts to see posts on the site again?

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That's part of it.

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God damn I hope so. I was locked out of lurking for those three months when you couldn't register and couldn't lurk. Wrote you a few emails from some throwaway email account, no reply. Booo.

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Thanks for this!!

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How many Nukes does Israel have?

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They happily took all our nukes off our hands before Apartheid ended.

[–] MissingEgo1 ago 

So that's where they went. Nothing but win for them.

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Why haven’t you started killing every nigger you can get away with killing yet? You’ve seen Rhodesia these days. You know what’s coming.

[–] beece 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

They lost them in a boating accident.

[–] 2fat2move 11 points 3 points (+14|-11) ago 

Zero. Nukes are fake and gay.

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they have all the nukes by proxy, since they control/can buy all governments.

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Thanks for all the work Putt. Not everyone here hates you..

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This may actually not be the original Putt

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You think?

When has anyone other than a female ever closed a letter with “much love”?

[–] guyr 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

I do agree.

[–] beece 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago 

Suck up, you're just upvoat farming. But I'll play along, have an upvoat.

[–] guyr 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

We don't all gotta be mean, I thank you

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Pay attention faggots, it's been dead for over a year.

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Then you use a SECOND canary, called "newCanaryb" and keep letting us know until THAT dies, then "newCanaryC", etc

Without more than one canary, the entire point of a canary is pointless, because you would need a whole new unrelated site just to implement the next canary.

RETARDED to not have more canaries.

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How is the "Deport Shill" button coming on?

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oh. THAT will work wunderfully. over on QRV, EVERYBODY is a shill according to everyone

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Can confirm, I am a shill.

[–] [deleted] 5 points 1 point (+6|-5) ago 


[–] IAMTODAY777 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Hell, it would at least get rid of v/QRV.

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