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It's that facebook tracking ID on the end that's making it not want to post. I tested with that junk on the end removed and it posted successfully. The domain is not banned on Voat.

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I noticed my computer runs better when I close out Facebook. I think Google is blocking bitchute

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You were able to post it here, so you should be able to post it as a submission. Note that some domains are blocked, in which case you should be notified with an error message.

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Facebook? You should clean up links before posting them.

[Edit: I am very curious who downvoted my comment. Not because I care about the score but because I truly find it hard to believe there is a single person on Voat who wants to click on a link which will result in more data being given to help Facebook. Btw: here's the clean link: https://underthegrayline.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/george-bush-pedophile-sex-ring-and-blackmail-of-congress/]

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I sort of half-remember there was something like maybe a spamming issue with wordpress and that's why it got blocked. And I think it might have been a decision made in the Atko days. But I'm not very sure on either point.

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Wordpress was (is?) popular for spammer's disposable landing pages. I recall the banning. Sometimes it's just necessary, because otherwise the noise from marketers will drown out the genuine speech.

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It won't allow me to post the link Direct