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Great point. Banning disruptive users is perfectly fine to do here.

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There’s no such thing as chicks with dicks only dudes with tits

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Ban me faggots!

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No problem. Try me you little shit.

Bring your pedo stuff to my sub. And then you can cry rivers to Putt about your rights.

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Gee mister

You sure are tough on the internet

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Don't act like that on voat, you're going to get sieged. Stop now.

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Lol WTF I don't fuck with that shit you retarded boomer cuck. I could care less about your gay TD sub.

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School is out for summer

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I kinda hope people post porn in my sub, that’s what it’s for

[–] NigofNog ago 

Banning users from a subs when they’re purposely disruptive is fine. Banning users from Voat in general is censorship.

[–] folkov [S] ago 

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LMAO. Glad you like my work

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I am a radical free speechist. Booting losers for bullshit is acceptable.