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We got raided?

lmao these faggots aren't even good unlike us professional fedposters.

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"When you get raided, don't even realize it and yet still win." -Memeball

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[–] tomdogg ago 


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remember when 4chan raided and no one noticed shit was different?

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4chan troll: [the most vile, hateful, racist filth 4chan can muster]

voat user: "This is a repost."

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Nope, me neither.

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Only because someone here made a thread about it...

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When the fuck was that?

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I feel bad laughing at this. It's like laughing at the retarded kid for doing something dumb. They seem like they are 14, actually mentally handicapped, or brown (inb4 what's the difference)

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That's what I've been saying about the new troll accounts that popped up over the last few months while VOAT was "invite only." I've been trolled numerous times in Niggers by the same crew. One time, they quickly deleted their comments within minutes when they realised no one was following suit and they were getting downvotes. The puerile nature of the comments made it obvious they were juveniles, literally. I pictured a few kids giggling because they wrote the word nigger/dick/ fuck.

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This is their own narcissism- thinking their opponent is stupid and unable to defend themselves. It's pure Liberal believing they're smarter than everyone else

[–] gazillions 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

They've been on the chan sites and think they're being original by sort of kind of copying the style. Except of course they're too stupid by the posts to have any idea what they're doing except trying to colonize.

I don't think they're even aware of what that so called racism they see is. They just see racism and that's all. It's pretty sad. They make the war time culling of darwinian failures seem like the very best option.

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They seem like they are 14, actually mentally handicapped, or brown (inb4 what's the difference)

Niggers. There; I simplified it for you.

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My (((fellow))) glow in the dark niggers

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I think the most interesting thing is the njiggerbeater name. Was that cucked self-censoring, or was niggerbeater69420 really taken?

Edit: it's not taken, so probably just someone afraid of typing the n-word

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When you want to fit in, but mama told you not to use profanity

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Fucking niggers

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the n-word

Which one? There are like 30,000 of them. Neighborhood? Nettle? Nigger? Nexus? Nostradamus? Notepad?

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Didn't wanna stick out to much. But if the name niggerbeater69420 is available. Then I'll have it

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"herobrine gang"

gayass minecraft niggers.

[–] Cid 5 points 23 points (+28|-5) ago 

Fuck you faggot, minecraft is awesome. It has exploration, survival, homesteading, encourages creativity, appreciation for nature and architecture, and it even has some giant-nosed merchants that will rip you off (it subtlety names the jew).

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Add https://voat.co/u/zonz to that list.

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I've seen his comments. Pure sperging.

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These coons don't even have expletives or 88 in their names. Jesus they glow in the dark

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If I need to deputize @Mumbleberry to handle them then I will. They won't make it past go.

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I accept, if I get a cool badge.

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Welcome back brother.

[–] PuttItOut 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

I'm always watching. o_O

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@Mumbleberry has been a member for 2.4 years with 3876 SCP and 16950 CCP.

Here's all you need to know about him:

Profile overview for Mumbleberry.

Submission statistics

71 submissions to ReportSpammers

41 submissions to ProtectVoat

This user maybe more than anyone is an unpaid and unacknowledged guardian of Voat. Joke or not, I support any position you choose to give him, up to and including Voat administrator.

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Kind words. TD.

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aw, can we please let them raid? Things have been getting boring around here.

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My favorite was the one about us liking dogs.

OMG, they're so racist but seem like normal people...

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Just reply to obvious raidposters with pictures of Hitler with cute critters. There are a lot.

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"FBI crime statistics time" oh, so, pretty much a normal day of posting on here then?

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I lol'd when I saw that too.

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I just looked at it and its like reddit but less racist

why thankyo... wait, what?

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You heard him, fellas. Crank up the racism.

[–] i_scream_trucks 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

clearly we have been failing... gettin fat and fucking lazy around here.

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Reddit is racist as fuck, they just hate white people.

[–] i_scream_trucks 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

yeah its just weird to read one of them admit it.

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I think I found some of the farmers last night and posted about it to the appropriate subverse: https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/3303194

[–] FridayJones 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Thanks, I just went there and brigaded and vote-manipulated by downvoting those tards. Now I'm going to be banned by Putt for sure!

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Yeah, should just let cynabuns handle it, but don't sweat it.

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I saw that yesterday. Some guy named niggerbasher calling someone a filthy racist. First post I read on this site. I thought my mind was full of fuck or something.

[–] gabara 1 point 15 points (+16|-1) ago 


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this but unironically

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