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me too. this blows. I use my main account everyday, what gives @puttitout?

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Years old account, locked for (I guess) inactivity. Although it just says "..security reasons."

Ridiculous to have to have made a new acct.

I think putt made a change a few months ago (found searching here) where he posted a thread eluding to the fact that inactive accounts could be lost (not said explicitly; he said IIRC, "..use it or lose it..").

Of course, I hadn't signed on in a couple months prior to that post, never saw it, so a loss of an otherwise good account w/a lot of earned upcummies that never used a vpn, never brigaded, no alts, and followed all the rules (as they existed since inception of the site).

Starting over for no good reason sucks but alas. Defo won't invest as much time here as I did prior.

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My account has also been locked out due to inactivity. The worst part is the message just says "Try again later." How much later?

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I've been trying for about a month, is that enough later?

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Its been locked due to inactivity. I guess you shouldnt spend so much time farming points on your alts you homo.

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Haha, dude you're an asshole everywhere, was that supposed to bother me? You're too well known. Maybe you could use an alt?

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Im not a faggot who uses alts nigger lover. Im an asshole only when its called for. Many know me as not so. Many Ive been an asshole to later come to like me. Because for one, I dont hide behind alts like a jew.