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The Obamas are deeply polluted regardless of the persistently evil media fakery. The media themselves are plummeting into ridicule they can't come back from no matter how hard the interested parties rah rah them on corporate social sites.

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They have the media, Hollywood, politicians, celebrities, world leaders all rooting for a return to their globalist ideals of the Obama years. They have social media tech giants in their pockets. They never left DC. Why? Why the "shadow Presidency" if they intended to retire? They never left and have no intention of leaving. They will be returning, as much as the thought sickens me. They need "Muh 1st woman president". Wait and see.

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You'd be very surprised. Our elections are not free and fair. What I find interesting is just how fast this post became buried......

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It would have to be a rigged election. Too many people have turned on the left. And what has Trump done about the hackable Soros voting machines? It's ultimate crazy.

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In 2024, not 2020. Trump has too big of a chance to win in 2020 for her to risk losing like Hilary did.

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They aren't going to wait that long. Too risky. Too much truth coming out. It will be 2020.

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We'll have to gin up some Michelle memes.

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Hmmm...not to mention, they actually ARE that egotistical...damn...you may be right.

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lolno They're not stupid and there are no happenings. Don't be hysterical.

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Stone said exactly that about a year ago. Also she made "speaking appearances" laying groundwork and gathering money.

The Globalists always put the real horse in the race just before the bell.

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Agree. Who is Stone?

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Roger Stone. Long time Rep. operator. Through 4 Presidents. Recently FBI charges over Trump Association. Same as his old partner eons ago Paul Manafort.


Knows his shit and hilarious!

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Never gonna happen. If they couldn't shoe-horn Hillary in with her 'credentials', there is no way in hell American is going to elect a black woman.

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Most Americans (aside from 50% of niggers) don't give a shit that she's black. They won't want her because she's completely unqualified. This includes the left and even black people on the left.

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This is /v/Voat, a subverse for discussing this website. Please post content such as this elsewhere, like /v/whatever or /v/politics. Thank you.

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If they put Michelle up it's not to win, it's to get her name out there. But I doubt they will.

And despite your belief about "the left" we're not all or even mostly irrational. Michelle has no experience and for that reason alone has no chance to win.

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I was referring to the candidates. They are indeed irrational.