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Why did you post this in /v/Voat? This subverse is for discussing Voat.co. Try posting stuff like this in /v/AskVoat, /v/whatever, or elsewhere. Thank you.

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I'm really sorry about this. I tried posting in /v/whatever and was having trouble. I didn't know what /v/voat was and stupidly assumed it was similar. Thanks for your comment and recommendations. Really dumb of me not to further research where I was posting. It was recommended and I went with it.

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No worries. A lot of people make this mistake. There's probably something Voat could do better to help make it more clear.

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As a trans man, I have no opinion.

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OBam's purple tie. US version of FF solidarity.

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Just wait until his "wife" finishes up her "Becoming" world tour and throws in her hat for the Presidential run. You know it's coming. This is all leading up to it. It's why they are putting all their most radical crackpot candidates out there now. Get them out of the way. So she seems "reasonable" by comparison, and the left all breathes a collective sigh of relief at her candidacy. "Eight more years of the Obama's". The media, Hollywood and Globalist world leaders all fawn. Our first woman president and it's MICHELLE OBAMA!!! She checks all their boxes. Someone to compete with and get rid of Orange Man Bad. You know it's coming......They've had this plan in place all along. They never left. It's why they are still in Washington, it's why Zero has had his "shadow presidency. And they WILL be attempting a comeback. It's their necks on the line. Watch this space.