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Can you give us some truthful information about Voats "investor"?

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It's an old goat. If you look at the stipulations that was made, it's very clear it's someone who wants Voat to remain the way it is(minus the downtimes). And that is all any of us really needs to know.

Edit: There seem to be a few braindead individuals that don't get it so I'll elaborate.

  1. If I had the funding to sponsor Voat, my requirements would basically have been the same. As a passion project. I would have different requirements for a business investment.

  2. If I had such fundings to casually toss at something such as Voat, the last thing I would want to do would be to dox myself or my businesses that allowed me to sponsor such a thing in the first place.

Some of you really aren't connected with how the world works..

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Soup dox retard faggots need to all be hanged.

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I mean, I know why, but will never truly understand how it got to the point where the people that run companies are so near-sighted that they pander and will enter the political, go public with some comment or company action, and then alienate any portion of their customers. Sure, there can be ethical dilemmas that you face but, really, how many of these CEO’s are having to steer a company toward anything other than political correctness?

Saying all this, I wouldn’t want to be made public but would invest in free speech if I was more able.

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You're surprised at goats lack if real world concepts?

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He already has before. Do you want a name? So people can harm the investor?

Come now.

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Do you want a name?

That is EXACTLY what the shill group attacking Putt and the site want. It's why the sanegoat group keeps harping on the issue.

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Who needs enemies with friends like that?

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Does anyone else think the sidebar ad is a raging clue?

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So you think it's either Ted Kim or Andrew Lee? Interesting; London Trust Media's investment portfolio certainly raises an eyebrow, in this context: https://londontrustmedia.com/brands/. I thought voat wasn't posting any new ads on the sidebar, so didn't bother to disable adblock after a reinstall. That's definitely a new(er) ad. *strokes beard and mumbles to himself*


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I'm sure there is some 1% patriot willing to donate $40k to keep this FA experiment going. I would if it were the correct % of my net worth.

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My money is on Notch. He's red pilled as fuck and could fund vote out of his pocket change.

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Thats delusional, grown ups dont do that, oh and btw its more like 100k

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Jews did 9/11 and the Holocaust is a lie.

[–] 1quickdub 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago 

Oklahoma City was a practice run, and they failed so miserably that they tried extra hard for 9/11. Still fucked it up, but managed to destroy the towers for the optics, profit, etc... and WTC-7 to destroy "problematic" data and documents.

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Don't forget the direct hit on the Pentagon's forensic accountancy department.
Trillions just disappeared like magic.

[–] Anarchy99 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

And no plane wreckage was found anywhere

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Don't forget the 1993 bombing of WTC.

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Oklahoma city was a response to the government burning almost 100 people to death after unconstitutionally trying to seize their firearms you dipshit.

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Wow wow wow easy chill with the anti semitism twords Gods chosen people, you can only speak other truths. You wouldn't want a rabi to get offended to the Point he botches a circumcision for being so distracted he bites down on a little more than the tip.

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NOOoo reeeeee

The goys sank the USS Liberty and tried to frame us poor, poor jews.

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Gas the car, finish the race now!

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My father used to say, "The truth is like a rock. You can hand it to someone, or you can throw it at their head."

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That's pretty good.

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your father was retarded. throwing a redpill at someone's head is a surefire way to activate their defense mechanisms.

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At what point does that saying endorse one over the other? Truth is like a hammer, you can use it to build, or you can use it to destroy. Glow niggers are like guitars, you can let it sit in a corner as a functional decorative piece, or you can play it.

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Yeah no shit, that is what he means

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Well putt.

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Cool but don't let your online popularity get to your head. Never act based on your ego. It's a very easy trap to fall into, especially online. Don't start thinking of this kind of fairly run-of-the-mill post as something special. A god's descent to mingle with the mortals this is not.

I am sure you know this, but it bears reminding.

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A god's descent to mingle with the mortals

That's called posting to Reddit.

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Good insight and advice.

But one has to wonder- what lies prompted you to feel the need to make this statement?

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Clown World: we live in a world of lies.

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Hence, why speaking the Truth is necessary.

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While I don't make a habit out of thinking things are about me much if at all, there was a lengthy and interesting exchange you and others here should check out in my comment history last night. This is sort of a curious post to wake up to.

Although, Putt speaking in vague platitudes about the very thing he avoids doing himself needs to be explained. It makes Putt look hypocritical, but you, as members of the audience, need to have explained to you the reasons for which Putt can both promote honesty and integrity and simultaneously avoid the two traits.

Read the post I made here. It offers an explanation to why Putt has contradicted himself. Also, the comment made by @C_Corax offers some equally necessary insight to understand what's going on here.

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I have been doing this, because my spirit tells me its my calling and purpose and reason why I am HERE.

No doubt half my family / friends think I am insane, but the ones with eyes to see and ears to hear are waking up.

It is my job to disseminate truth, and I was gifted by God with a special ability to be able to perform this task successfully: 'Idontgiveashitwhatyouthinkaboutme', aka thick skin.

Spreading truths is not for the faint of heart, it requires thick skin and the ability to not care about peoples judgements about you.

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Exactly. God bless, brother.

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