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You mean when someone else clicks on your comment history, they see your non-Anon comments, but when you click on it, you see your Anon comments as well? That sort of thing?

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That or a whole different tab peivate only to you.

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@dudelol you are the one spamming all the mason bullshit in anon subs.

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I think this would be at least doable. I can understand people wanting to be able to check back on their own comments without having to remember all the threads they may have been participating in, so I can see why it might be desirable as well. You should post this to /v/ideasforvoat, though; Putt browses that subverse and will mark ideas as PLANNED that he thinks are worth revisiting when he has more time.

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Pay for someone to code it and the chances increase.

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Take a screenshot and you can view it anonymously whenever you want.

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I'm sorry but this is something we probably won't be able to do.

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Why not?

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It's not a bad idea.

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We have a bunch of changes in the pipeline that we will be rolling out soon so we are pretty busy with those. Maybe in the future.