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After looking over some of this guy's posts it seems he's a turd (or as @PuttItOut puts it, Noid).

Here's the issue, technically his posts are not against v/gaming rules, if v/gaming wanted to get rid of him out of annoyance they could restrict gaming fanart from being posted on there and instead be posted on another subverse like v/gamingfanart.

@PuttItOut I don't agree with banning this user, he didn't break any of the rules and I'd even say his posting habits are somewhat autistic as oppose to spammy but it's slippery slopes like this that turned Reddit into what it's become and why I left that content black hole.

If this becomes a precedent I can see this action being used for other excuses and bannings in the future.

Ultimately if other users don't like his content and personally see it as spam they should down vote it to Oblivion so you wouldn't even have to get involved. I know most users don't vote but hopefully this will encourage users to be more involved on that subverse.