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[–] Mylon 8 points 3 points (+11|-8) ago 

Doesn't seem worthy of a ban. Unless maybe he was farming CCP for vote manipulation.

But if it's only a ban from /v/gaming, then it's no big deal. I come to voat for content curation and demanding higher quality submissions from "default" subs is fine.


[–] worthlesshope 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Decent point. I still visit /r/anime on reddit and maybe 30% of the posts are "fanart". It gets a bit annoying. Sure some of them are nice, but if I wanted to see fanart I'd be part of a fanart sub.

If the guy has no post history of contributing to the sub besides posting game girls in skimpy outfits. Then a ban won't affect him much. But if he contributed and also posted the images then probably the rules should be more specific on the sub instead and he should be specifically warned where that kind of content belongs.

But I also dislike when rules are made because people abuse them. I've noticed flaws in doing things that way. My original opinion on this type of rule is not a clarification but only try to act when things get out of hand. Look the other way sometimes because the person could have good reason to do things that way. Still sounds good to me.

So in this case I say let him do as he pleases till it actually gets out of hand. Let him steal that apple, he might be starving, just warn him every day and hope he feels bad about it to stop when he stops feeling hungry.


[–] BlackManOnVoat 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I could get behind that, but those rules probably should be more clearly stated so that people won't need to bitch at putt at every ban.