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Since I had to look it up myself



This guys just spams loli shit. We need more gas.

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Oh man this is such a tough one. I looked through his submissions, and all of them to v/gaming seem to be of a character from a game, and are generally just a woman in a bikini or revealing clothing, not as bad as the ones he posts to v/lolicon.





They were all tagged as nsfw and as far as I can tell he didn't break anything rules of the sub besides potentially spam. I think it comes down to intent. Did he mean to devalue the site by posting low quality content, or did he just want to share pictures that he enjoys? Personally he doesn't seem malevolent like some other users. But he could also be a bot because he just posts a lot of submissions and hardly ever comments, which is certainly grounds for a ban.

Perhaps we need more defined rules like what exactly spam is, what a bot is, etc. Maybe users can vote on an acceptable definition.

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Even if he had meant to devalue the site that's not a bannable offense. What is shitposting? We can't ban people for our belief that we can know people's intent. We can ban them for what they do, against some clearly stated rules. If we don't like what someone does we can always change a rule.

Those who would sacrifice voat for some temporary moment of not being offended deserve neither.

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Personally he doesn't seem malevolent like some other users.

The guy is a pedophile.

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Has this guy ever made one on topic post? Obviously the community doesn't like his content. They have judged it as spam and constantly down vote it. He hasn't changed. Banning him makes it so the users don't have to downvote him every single time.

Now the users don't have to deal with his bullshit anymore and he can still post his shit in the appropriate subs.

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Doesn't seem worthy of a ban. Unless maybe he was farming CCP for vote manipulation.

But if it's only a ban from /v/gaming, then it's no big deal. I come to voat for content curation and demanding higher quality submissions from "default" subs is fine.

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After looking over some of this guy's posts it seems he's a turd (or as @PuttItOut puts it, Noid).

Here's the issue, technically his posts are not against v/gaming rules, if v/gaming wanted to get rid of him out of annoyance they could restrict gaming fanart from being posted on there and instead be posted on another subverse like v/gamingfanart.

@PuttItOut I don't agree with banning this user, he didn't break any of the rules and I'd even say his posting habits are somewhat autistic as oppose to spammy but it's slippery slopes like this that turned Reddit into what it's become and why I left that content black hole.

If this becomes a precedent I can see this action being used for other excuses and bannings in the future.

Ultimately if other users don't like his content and personally see it as spam they should down vote it to Oblivion so you wouldn't even have to get involved. I know most users don't vote but hopefully this will encourage users to be more involved on that subverse.

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Yes! I'm so glad he got the hammer.

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But don't you see the pattern. "I think it's good he got the hammer based on what kind of person he is." is the very premise of reddit censorship.

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Have to disagree on this one. I fear a familiar pattern. First Voat "finds an angel" then the bans start rolling in. Is this the price of admission? Reddit did the same shit with "child porn is free speech" to trigger a mass support of bans, and now look at it. R Pongyang was just the preview.

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It's sounds vile and not relevant to gaming. It sounds like a deplatforming effort. Sometimes they attempt to agitate crazies, sometimes they try to post certain content. If it were just unpopular speech that's one thing, this sounds like something else.

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I can't think of one person who earned it more. Fuck him. :)

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But there is a whole subverse of that loli shit. So technically, he posted shit in the wrong spot. Were there any warnings? Post this where it belongs or your gone? Straight out ban without a warning... I'm not so sure on this.

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He posts hundreds of sexual images of underage girls to a gaming sub and you think thats even remotely on topic? Theres a point where you just ban the fucker instead of having to have users downvote this one guy constantly.

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The question is are lewd pictures of characters from games on topic for v/gaming? From what I saw in his submissions, he didn't post loli shit in v/gaming, they all seemed to be older, non-nude characters. Is the problem the frequency of his posts, or is it the lewd images themselves? Perhaps v/gaming should make a rule for "no nsfw art" and a new sub can be made called v/gamingChicks or something like that.

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IMO low-effort crap is what the voting-system is meant to deal with; not a good reason for a ban in my opinion. They'll throttle themselves eventually when SCP goes into the negative. And if I may be allowed a "slippery slope" argument, this could be seen as.. well, a slippery slope. Who gets to decide what's quality content? How low must the quality be to warrant a ban? And how much is too much?

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We have to address the non-participating issue though.

These sorts of accounts often avoid commenting so they don't get their posting privileges throttled. They make shitty post everywhere and then don't comment to avoid dealing with the consequences of their shit.

We may need to make a modification to how SCP works to deal with grandfathered spammers like aged.

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I'm thinking the same thing. It's always puzzled me that SCP never really seemed to matter for anything. Then again, there might be a reason for that that I am simply unaware of.

Either way, fuck spammers and gas pedos.

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+1 for addressing scp. -1 for banning.

I think instead of using a combined score (meaning you would only have to learn to game one), you should have to keep both positive.

Also this is one of the flaws of removing the ability to downvote archived items. It makes people invincible. We actually didn't have a spam problem before then and I called it.

Or you could make old scp irrelevant. Maybe only scp score over the last 365 days is relevant.

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This sounds good, negative scp, or a negative past day’s scp can limit your posting rate. Would work awesomely.

[–] Dortex 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Doesn't stop anyone from voting content down or blocking the users. If the posts are off-topic, then they can simply be buried. The only time banning for spam is with bots and commercial accounts.

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Does scp even matter? CCP is what does the throttling afaik.

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Hm good point, not sure tbh, I just assumed it would enter into the equation. If not, that might be a good place to start.

[–] fusir 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

I think we all mean ccp.

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This particular user's scp yoyos back and forth because every time he starts to get throttled, he starts rapid posting to his porn sub to raise it back in no time. Voat has a spam weakness where mods have no post limit in the subverses they own, and the requirements to start a new subverse are low.

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Voting is meant to deal with it, but it's not successful. The users of v/gaming were very clearly telling him to fuck off. I counted 40+ negatively voted submissions in a row to gaming before I stopped counting. This user will never go away on their own, and voting/SCP is insufficient to force them to go away (they farm in other subverses to shit up gaming), so something needs to be done.

I propose that @PuttitOut gives voting some teeth. Votes need to directly and automatically result in bans from subverses where users show that you're not wanted. Are more than 2/3rds of your submissions in a subverse negative*? Nobody wants you here, enjoy your temp auto-ban from the subverse. You get booted from multiple subverses? Enjoy your temp ban from posting to any new subverses (if they like you in one, you can stay there, but don't come to mine). You come back and keep shitting things up? Each time you get autobanned, the threshold to ban you gets easier and the bans last longer. (This does open up issues like making it more valuable to make sockpuppets to vote down opponents or vote yourself up, but that's an issue to deal with another day.)

This system would let users self-determine who they associate with, instead of saying you have to withstand a constant onslaught of shitty posts from one asshole nobody likes without being able to do anything about it. This system needs no decisions needed by admins or anyone putting them above us. And it's really easy to avoid getting banned in this system; if people don't like what you post then stop posting in that subverse.

*After some min threshold of negative posts/SCP in a subverse, so you don't get instabanned if you make 2-3 shitty memes in a new subverse.

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The users of v/gaming were very clearly telling him to fuck off.

Few loud minorities. Most don't give a fuck really. Sure, most are getting annoyed, but definitely only a few are calling for bans because that is the start of the slippery slope.

Did all of you faggots forgot how Reddit became a heavily censored safe space today? It started with jailbaits.

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If only there was some kind of voting system...

Also hi from Australia. Fuck my country banning Voat.

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I have reported you to the New Zealand police department for being here. shaloms

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Good. Cucked Kiwis can go fuck a sheep.

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You did make sure you got your thirty pieces of shekels first, right? Wait...of course you did. You certainly have a nose for business.

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The NZ Cyber Police lol

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Can't believe Australia is going the way of Best Korea. We all know that once the ball starts rolling it does not stop.

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What? They banned voat entirely for all aus peeps?

[–] Norm85 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Only the major ISPs. So far ...

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Yes. I have to use a vpn to get here now.

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They also banned some other websites too.

Get ready to be genocided all you australian cunts!

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I followed a link on the topic to reddit, and now I'm angry. Keep your distance, because I probably caught CancerAidsEbola over there.

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I've already made my thoughts pretty clear on this, and I urge you to rethink it.

Shitty and low effort doesn't make it spam, it just makes it annoying. It's way too subjective.

I'd absolutely support a rule against this in that sub, but the user's shitty attention whoring isn't really spam.

Yes, I'm defending a pedo. Someday the speech you come for may be mine.

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[–] TheBuddha 2 points 17 points (+19|-2) ago 

There's Poal, if you're interested. PMYB is pretty cool.

I find it a bit surreal that I'm defending a pedo that posts content I don't really care for. But, someday the speech that outrages may be my own.

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Apparently you're not as you keep posting.

And if you were "done", then "don't let the door Hit ya where the Good lord Split ya"

You're methods are NOT working to convince people to care. Try again.

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I think people don't understand how this sets a precedent. I've tried to talk sense to several people and it just feels like they don't understand words, just keep reading what they want to read while ignoring everything else.

So the way this sets a precedent is that if Putt actually decides to retire or hire other admins/mods of subs they will start banning people based on their feelings too then. Because it happened in the past. Now it's SUPER difficult to tell your "friend" who you "hired" Hey you're doing a bad job I'm taking away your benefits of free reign to ban whoever you want but you still have to work for me. It's also SUPER difficult to just go "hey you're fired, but we're still friends right?"

This is honestly how corruption starts. Police forces don't start out by hiring only corrupted people neither do gangs. They corrupt people early on and the role models set the examples of how people should act.

But many people don't seem to understand this here..I'm not looking forward to be apart of another less active reddit that has gore posts I can't ignore. So I'll probably end up disappearing to another forum too.

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First they came for the lolicon and I did not speak up because I was not a lolicon.

Then they came for the nazi...

And eventually everyone not progressive enough is getting purged.

Look at Reddit history. Ban one thing after another thing after another thing and it will never stop until it pleases the most radical easily offended moral police SJW working 24 hours to combat thoughtcrime.

Many internet noob here don't get it, reddit used to be a free speech platform before bowing to the "REEE I don't like what he's posting, BAN him" crowd.

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Goddamn, Sir. This is the ONE thing we shouldn't make a safe space for. It's NOT a slippery slope, it's no slope at all, it's one thing. Pedophilia. Whether they are putting up actual illegal content or just skating around the edge, it's something that could be used to shut Voat down. That we are the place you can go you congregate and exchange files with your disgusting cohorts. I don't want to be that place. Even if it didn't jeopardize us the way it does, I still don't want to be part of a notorious pedo haven. Do you?

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There were exactly zero children in any images he posted in this sub. His content was legal and topical.

Your emotions have fuck all to do with it. Not one image of a child was used.

I could give zero shits about the optics. I'd rather defend free speech than care what other people think.

I've made it quite clear that his contributions are horrible, but they are lawful. Not one single child was in anything he posted in this sub. Don't pretend otherwise. At least be honest with me.

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It's almost like you're challenging me to spam v/gaming with gaming related poetry...

Where you gonna draw the line Putt? I think the line is already in a decent place, why squiggle some new arbitrary barrier when the old one didn't seem that awful?

[–] Seventh_Jim 4 points 2 points (+6|-4) ago  (edited ago)

For that situation the possible downvoats should be sufficient, assuming it was poetry and not just word salad. Low effort was a qualifier; what you're describing would not be.

Poetry, even bad, doesn't carry the general ugliness of pedo content.

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@TheodoreKent You could hit low effort by posting images of the boxes games come in. It would be basically the same as what aged did in that sub but would eliminate the NSFW side of things while also making it require someone to argue that the box a game came in is not gaming related, by the way some will say pictures of game characters is not related to gaming, so I guess the box may not be related either.

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[–] TheodoreKent 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

But order is gay.

[–] anoncastillo 23 points 32 points (+55|-23) ago 

Aged is pedo filth, he deserved the ban.

[–] TheodoreKent 14 points 22 points (+36|-14) ago 

It was Aged? Fuck that pedo.

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago 

Very interesting how people suddenly become ok with censorship once it's someone we don't like.

The facts are what he was doing wasn't breaking the /v/gaming rules, the rules need to be enforced equally, not special rules for special people.

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I disagree with this thread!!!!! Oh it was Aged? Fuck that pedo. -TheodoreKent

[–] BlackManOnVoat 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Oh fuck, I haven't seen you in ages. Damn.

[–] Artofchoke 13 points 9 points (+22|-13) ago 

Aged??? Goodbye, pedo scumbag!

[–] Maggotbait88 1 points 29 points (+30|-1) ago 

Congratulations, now all you have to do is label anyone you don't like a Nazi- I mean pedophile and you can ban them.

[–] Schreiber 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

That means you're not progressive enough comrade!

See this comrade Biden, he's into little girls, but we SJWs will defend him to the death since he is a good commie and all!

But youuu NAZIS are pedos and should be banned! You're not you say? We'll just forge a few fake witnesses and plant a few false evidence and ruin your life anyway!

[–] Artofchoke 16 points 26 points (+42|-16) ago 

You know more than we about the antics of particular users. Somebody fails your sniff test? Somebody is creating headaches for you? Hit the gas.

[–] shrink 5 points 35 points (+40|-5) ago  (edited ago)

I'm pretty leery of the precedent it sets. I fully understand why Putt did what he did and why everyone wants him gone, but at what point does this start sliding down the slippery slope of reddit-dom? If he was technically posting stuff that was okay (for the sub), and technically it was arguably related to gaming, and it's arguable that it wasn't spam (Putt's words, not mine) then this is the case of an asshole intentionally trying to smear shit on the walls and piss everyone off without actually breaking any rules. One of those people who remains just inside the bounds of the law.

So I do think banning that user is an improvement, but not necessarily the right call. I think the subverse should have added a rule against the shit he's doing, and then ban him from the sub (not the site), or implement some feature for users to customize visibility or something. But I'm failing to see how this isn't a foot in the door for reddit-level censorship; if the guy didn't technically break any rules, than literally what's happening is "sorry, you haven't broken any rules, people just don't like what you do so you're banned from the whole site." That's what people left behind on reddit and we shouldn't be doing that.

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Well said. Agreed.

[–] Artofchoke 9 points 3 points (+12|-9) ago 

If you are going to accommodate pedophiles, you are going to constantly be in jeopardy of being shut down. It's not the hill I'm gonna die on. It isn't speech, it isn't protected, and it isn't legal. There's no fucking slope. Leave kids alone.

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Have you watched the submission he made ? Guy is downright pedo, It was loli porn, and not even in the right sub, i just watched his last submission, 3 anime girls with their cunts open dripping cum, if you think thats ok you need the rope too.

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"sorry, you haven't broken any rules, people just don't like what you do so you're banned from the whole site."

He wasn't banned sitewide; he can still post to all other subs.

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