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We see this in the modern degenerate, who uses his freedom to pursue pleasure, or wealth, or power, or honour (which may only equate to positive perception in the eyes of other degenerates), instead of something actually good, something true. Such a modern lives for himself and watches with apathy as the civilization his forefathers built falls apart.

While I agree wholeheartedly with your position on degenerate moderns, I disagree that "pleasure, wealth, power and honor" are not actually good or true.

All that Is is Good!

But when the person is corrupted, these true goods become corrupted, too. The person sets them above much better things, and is lost in a maze of illusion and vain striving to the detriment of himself and all who depend on him.

Pleasure, wealth, power and honor -- at the disposal of a wise and virtuous person -- are tremendously powerful goods that can change the world.


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Good points; I agree. The key is, as you say, placing these things above the Almighty. These things are goods as means, but insufficient as ends. These things cannot guide Man.