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This feature will make voat into reddit only if the administrators force selected subverses to be private. It is logically impossible that providing more freedom for subverse mods will cause less freedom.


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Can't you make a sub Voat? I cant remember the technical name, but there's something, maybe its called a subdomain? Maybe we could have two layers. Put NSFW in the subdomain? Would that work for our angel?

I dont like changing this vibrant and interesting website at all. It is truly unique. It is "special", a word I use with no intentional sarcasm in this case.

If you could tell us openly who our angel is and/or what he is trying to achieve it would help us come up with the best solution.

  • Do they want to hide the Haters (Jew Haters, Muslim Haters, Negro Haters) so they can monetize the site?

  • Do they want longtime goats and the aforementioned Group Haters gone, keeping only Qfag normies?

  • Do they want us to stop talking about a particular subject (happy to have us give them free content but not OUR content)?

  • Do we actually have a say or is it a fait accompli (like with the angel) and you're a slave to The Man?

Remember, we dont know if our angel is best buds with James Alefantis or Donald Trump or the ghost of Chairman Mao. We have to rely on your judgment and we hope you will keep the integrity of the site. We want you to keep your paycheck, but dont sell us out for pennies.

  • Voat is a precious gem, so do what you can to keep it the bastion of freedom it currently is, if only for the Britbongs who need a place to speak without fear of losing their jobs.

The Right only wins with Open Conversations and Open Facts and a Free and Open Society. Kek. Not the Shareblue kind.

Private? Everything on the web is recorded. Even people with VPN protection can be traced, so there is NO SUCH THING as a private conversation. So... private from whom?

If the angel is trying to spiff the place up for biz purposes, make a subdomain called Voat Under The Rug for inconvenient truths and other realities that are usually swept under the rug, the things Google Ads won't like. But, make it obvious that there's a subdomain and make it easy to find.

I would rather have zero divisioning and conquering, though.


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This fear is not that this will cause less freedom.

The fear is this this will provide an easy and accessible mechanism for abusive behavior to grow undetected on Voat.