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Our poor servers. Hope they don't start complaining about the working conditions.

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you're the guy that keeps the lights on, right? I strongly suspect that what you are doing is benefitting mankind, and i suspect you know that too. you must be getting resistance. with all the information coming out of voat there has to people desperate to shut you down, and i imagine those people are trying shit in the real world. everything going okay? anything we can do?

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Keep it going!

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voat's got more than one now? I recall "the server ran out of space" earlier this year

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you need to be cracking the whip harder son.

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Staahp. Fuck off we're full.

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Red goat checking in

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You made a post saying Voat re-entered the top 8000 sites just two weeks ago, on September 25. Now this is growth!

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i think alot has to do with the q people, and the MDE guys

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Hey, r/MDE was quality. Went on a two hour tirade on r/againsthatesubs. Told the mod after a ban that he is the reason I believe in genocide. Migrated here immediately after and received a week ban from Reddit as a whole. It took some time, but I recently deleted my account on Reddit. I've assimilated. r/MDE was the last straw. Fuck Qmalians though.

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Yes, Voat has been growing fast. An internal Alexa metric ranks Voat even higher than this today at #5004 globally: ~10MB zipped daily rankings. I wonder why their published rankings are so much lower.

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Q predicted that. Trust the plan!

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Anyone that says "trust the plan" is a loon. Or a Jew.

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We have to catch up to the chans.

Go gerbils!

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I think the qtards are bumping us up for good or worse.

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I think milliondollarextreme is about as good as voats gunna get. Those guys brought a lot content and have great attitudes on free speech. And most of em are fairly smart.

Now, we just gunna more and more mainstream. And that's the beginning of the end.

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Yep i cant agree with you more.. but mainstream is getting more and more redpilled so maybe not the end

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goodbye coziness

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Eternal September. Weaponized for the first time.

It's.... beautiful.

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