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Don't even have to watch the video. Like every other review of the tech, it isn't what they promised. The Viewing angle is very very small and it requires a computer you place on your hip.

They promised the ability to see what they are showing through their headsets to be visible without using them. They said they would create a system that wouldn't require glasses. The even showed a video of kids in an auditorium reacting to a whale splashing them in AR.

This was a persons dream that spiraled out of control. I think they were betting on tech advancing faster than it has and the capability to do what they want isn't viable yet. If that isn't the case then this is a pure scam. Remember their 3D sensor for using your Computer with your hands. The thing never worked how advertised and after the tech was bought by HP the tech was used in only the Envy series I believe and it hasn't been a focal point since.

Edit: watched the video. Alot of talking about the tech and then at around https://youtu.be/Vrq2akzdFq8?t=1463 you see the "demo". It looks faded and not even close to the fidelity the Ad's claimed the tech would bring.