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cool :)

any other OLD pc survival horror titles like this?

not sure if "point and click" is the right description. the article says something about 7th guest, 11th hour, and scratches. Ive never heard of 'em but will definitely give them a try. since they're from the 90s, they'll probably run on my shitty vista computer :)


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While those games from the '90s are not quite point-and-click, they used a system of still-frame progression made hugely popular by Resident Evil on the Sony PS1. What made the games scary was their sense of mood...a ghostly woman beckoning you down a dark hallway...that sort of thing. The original 7th Guest and its sequel The 11th Hour are indeed classics and should be played in that order, as the story actually continues from one to the other. As for Scratches, make sure to get the "Director's Cut", as the original release was not complete.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game review, and I've got plenty of others! Perhaps I'll see you in-game. I have over 300 games in my Steam library, so I'm sure there's something we all could join in on.



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DUDE, you wrote that? Fucking awesome.

thank you very much for staying away from spoilers, and I like your writing style. is that your entire site, or do you just contribute?

anyways, back onto the games themselves:

i'm VERY interested in trying those 3 old ones. If you know of any others in that same type genre, please let me know. Resident Evil (the first one) was/is my ALLTIME fav game. I just so happened to be growing up in the time it was released on PS1, and many many hours were spent wandering around trying to figure that shit out. Have loved survival horror ever since, but lately i've been a bitch and shyed away from the actually scary ones.

so i guess i didnt know "still frame progression" was a thing, but i want more :)

I'm INCREDIBLY out of the loop on PC gaming, and don't know a thing about steam, except the fact that it exists. Do you buy games from steam, or does it find you people to play with online, or both?