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@HenryCorp is a spamming powermod sits on hundreds of subs between here and Reddit. If you literally disagree with him on anything in his subs, you'll be banned. He's terrified of debating the facts; he just wants to spam shit and reap the SCP. He's even banned tons of users who haven't even participated in his subs. Seriously, try to post a factual statement that is contrary to something he posted. You'll quickly get your ban.

This completely undermines what Voat stands for and should not be tolerated. See more here: https://voat.co/v/reportspammers/comments/1093465

Go back to the subs you mod so you can control the message for your couple of fan boys (or alternate accounts) to read. Nobody likes you anywhere else on Voat.


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In the USofA veggies that aren't good enough for the grocery store often find their way to the "farmer's market." Hmmn.