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Show the study or shut the fuck up. I can say the same shit as water 'not being as healthy as once thought it comparison to soda'

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I haven't even read the tabloid article posted by OP but heres what I've based my own risk mitigation on:

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Ok, I'm a cig smoker so I'm not judging, but do you really think that sucking a foreign substance into your lungs isn't bad for you?

[–] Tea_Daze 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

No I don't, but I minimize the risk to almost non existant. I make my vape juice. It's 100% vegetable glycerine and nicotine from sigma aldridch.

Show me one study that shows that nicotine removed from tobacco is any worse than, rather, presents any worse possible symptoms than aspirin or cough syrup.

It's been long standing that regular and regulated use of stimulants is not harmful.

Edit: my build is 216 surgical steel mesh with a 20/80 blend of plant celulose and cotton.

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Just keep sucking on that ersatz penis, vape-fag.

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OOOOH, so trendy. such libtard. how about show something relevant, rather than this drivel?