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No wonder liberals hate Chica-Fil-A. They are replacing highly paid (overpaid) government workers who could be doing this work.

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They also just hate everything.

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Good to see an employer who seems to care about the employees, They serve consistently great food as well.

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I'd be wary of all this circle jerking over Chick-fil-A. I highly doubt this business is as goody two shoes as everyone on voat would like to believe.

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This, jews own all fast food joints

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Naw, it's owned by Christians which is why they're universally hated by the left.

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Chick-Fil-A must be loaded. I can understand this, because they are a decent fast food chain. That is a pretty generous act. Is the owner white? I would think he is.

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I think all of the owners are Southern Baptist. They have to be to be awarded the restaurant as far as I know. Not sure if they are all white in that religion or not.

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Southern Baptists are overwhelmingly white. There is an African American version of the Baptist(I think Martin Luther King was one of them). Anyways, the Southern Baptist have the desire to go out on missionaries and reach out to a third-worldism.

They got upset that they supported third-worldism and were still able to remain so Southern, so they had to attack Dan Cathy and make up and say that he was a racist. This shows how bad the left is in fact. They will basically call you racist because you are clean, down to to earth, and giving to the third world(I am sure Dan Cathy had something to do with it).

There is nothing saving these people and the unfortunate thing is that the system favors them so overwhelmingly. They have the force of history on their side.

They want to crush all forms of decency and maybe even while they are at whiteness as much as they can and turn everything into third-worldism. Now you can see why some people support Russia. Yeah.

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This is subversive jew advertising by a jew owned business. Just like the fast food crap on the front page of Feedit.

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Some Jew that closes on Sunday when kike services are Friday and Saturday. Some Jew whos father taught at Baptist church school for decades. What the fuck are you even talking about?

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Jews only follow judaism when it's convienent for them. They LARP as christians all the time.

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The right can virtue signal too.