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Story time:

Back in my early twenties, I lived next to a state college in a very republican US state. One day, I was informed by my local radio/tv news that there was to be a PETA protest on the grounds of the college, and I had a fantastic idea for a counter-protest.

FIrst, I called the police department, and asked if my plan would be illegal, or considered a crime against humanity (which is a felony in the state). After putting me on hold for 5 or so minutes, occasionally "accidentally" taking it off hold so I can hear them laughing, I was eventually told that there would be no risk of arrest for my counter-protest.

So, visualize a gaggle (20 or so) of late-nineties-era students of a Liberal Arts college, on a makeshift pulpit, barking through a megaphone. Now visualize a fat 21yo calmly walking 4 feet away from the speaker, pulling out a McDonald's double cheeseburger, unwrapping it, whipping out his cock, and proceeding to fuck the cheeseburger while everyone watched stunned.

That day, not only was meat murder, but it was also sexual assault.

(inb4 v/ThatHappened).